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NOBLES OF THE REALM - Hereditary Estate Holders

The rank of Nobility is hereditary peers, where there are thirty-three (33) peers who hold titles that may be inherited associated with each estate(s) their nobility title he belongs to. The Tongan Nobility titles names have also been prefixed with the ‘Honourable', nowadays they are formally addresses as ‘Lords' of that estate holder.

Lord Ma'atu (NYA)
Lord 'Ahome'e (NYA)
Lord Fohe (NYA)

Three other Titles for Lord Fohe, Lord 'Ahome'e and Lord Ma'atu have not been appointed yet.


The Life peers will enjoy the privileges and benefits of a Noble of the Realm, but are not estate holders. They have been granted the noble title by His Majesty King George Tupou V in recognition of their dedicated service to the Crown and to the Kingdom. To date, there are 8 life peers been appointed.

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