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Tongan Government and IFAD launches major multi-million dollar community development initiative

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25th September, 2018 The Tonga Rural Innovation Project II (or TRIP II) was launched today at the Tanoa Hotel. The T$24.0 million project is a product of a strategic partnership between the Government of Tonga, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Mainstreaming of Rural Development Innovation Tonga Trust (MORDI TT). Stakeholders will assemble over three-days to ensure a common understanding of roles and responsibilities, project expectations and its legal and financial framework.

TRIP II will benefit 122 rural communities comprising close to 7300 households, including almost all identified as poor in the 2009 Household Income & Expenditure Survey across the five major island groups of Tonga. Communities will be supported in developing climate resilient agriculture and infrastructure that contribute towards improving their livelihoods.

A key feature of the three-day meeting will be the signing of memorandums of understanding amongst the key implementing agencies of the project, namely between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Forest & Fisheries with MORDI TT as the lead agencies in the development and implementation of the TRIP II project.

The Minister for Internal Affairs, Honourable Losaline Ma’asi, officiated at the launch, further demonstrating the Government’s commitment to building resilient and prosperous communities in Tonga. In launching the project, the Minister emphasized the importance of building community planning capacity and acknowledged the extensive work already undertaken by MORDI TT, including through TRIP I. TRIP II will build upon the lessons from past interventions and scale up support to all islands in Tonga.

The TRIP II project is co-financed by the Government of Tonga and IFAD and will be implemented over five years.


Mainstreaming of Rural Development Innovation Tonga Turst (MORDI TT) works towards aiding the rural isolated communities of Tonga fight against poverty. Many of these communities have been shown how to live sustainable lives through MORDI TT community development projects and skill development trainings.

The Tonga Rural Innovation Project II (TRIP II) builds on the success of a first-phase project that was implemented between 2012 and 2016. The first phase of TRIP achieved significant results in engaging with remoter outer island communities and supporting improvement in their livelihoods through enhanced community planning and delivery of improved public and private goods and services. The theory of change for TRIP II is that enhanced community capacity for sustainable infrastructure planning and sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable households.

International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) Since 1983 IFAD has financed five rural development projects in Tonga, investing $32.1 million which has been directly benefitting 17,209 rural households.

And, since it was established in 1978, IFAD has financed 90 projects in 24 Small Island Developing States for over $582 million.


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