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Internet Investigation and Mobile Forensic Course to combat cybercrime

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20th August, 2018 The Council of Europe and its implementing partner, INTERPOL under the Global Action On Cybercrime known as the (GLACY +) Project is hosting a week-long training on Internet Investigation and Mobile Forensic Course at Kalofiama Epworth Hall, Kolofo’ou.

The Acting Police Commissioner Ms. Pelenatita Vaisuai said, “The Kingdom of Tonga has moved in the right direction when it acceded to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime in May, 2017. It became the 55th Party to the Convention, which allows for effective international cooperation on cybercrime and electronic evidence.”

“We are living in the era of information technology and electronics. The arrival of high-speed internet in Tonga, via broadband connection in 2013 brought many opportunities in terms of e-commerce, e-government and access to information. Unfortunately, cybercriminals exploit the very same opportunities. Therefore, we must also be resourceful and tactful in managing and dealing with those who are exploiting this platform and means of connectivity to commit crime.”

She also said that with appropriate legal instruments, investigating tools and competent skills in place, the solution lies in “working together and collectively” to overcome the challenges that arise from the abuse of the online world by cybercriminals.

She told participants to use the training as an opportunity to build individual skills and understanding to enhance collective efforts and collaboration.

“Timely preservation and securing of evidence is very critical. That can be achieved through effective cooperation, internal and internationally.”

Ms Vaisuai expressed her sincere gratitude to the Interpol training facilitators, the Council of Europe and the GLACY + for their commitment to building Tonga’s capacity to standards in this regard.

The training is led by Interpol training facilitators. Participants include Tonga Police, CERT Tonga, Attorney’s General Office and reps from the line ministries.


Issued by the: Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change & Communications.

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