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Thousands of locals receive free medical service on board Ark Peace

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17th August, 2018 Thousands of locals have been consulted and treated by the medical staff on board the Chinese Navy Hospital Ship, Ark Peace as of yesterday morning, August 17.

Rear Admiral Guan Bailin said in a press conference with local journalists yesterday that with the support of the Tongan Government and His Majesty’s Armed Forces “3,000 patients have been consulted by medical staff on board.”

He said that the locals benefit from their visit just as much as the medical staff on board.

“We also benefit from this exchange program.  In this exchange process we learn the culture of this beautiful country and we will also pass what we have learnt and see in Tonga to our Chinese people at home.”

“Apart from this, the medical exchange process, I think medical staff learn from each other.  Our medical staff learn the concept, the medical skills and also learns the awareness of giving service from their counterpart in Tonga.”

An ambulance helicopter with some of the medical staff was flown to ‘Eua to provide free medical services to locals.

He said that a summary of the diseases treated and the services provided by the medical staff to the people will be handed over to the Ministry of Health for their information and records.

Ark Peace will depart Tonga Monday 20th August.


Issued by the: Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change & Communications.


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