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Monitoring of Pacific Environment Community Fund Project (PEC Fund) for Ofu and ‘Olo’ua Islands

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14th July, 2018 A team from the Ministry of MEIDECC led by the minister Hon Poasi Tei and the Minister for Health Hon Dr. Saia Piukala visited Ofu and ‘Olo’ua today to observe the progress of the solar street lights and the solar freezers in the islands.

Director of the Energy Department Dr. Tevita Tukunga said that the solar freezers are a component of the PEC Fund Project implemented in the remote islands of Vava’u and Ha’apai.

“Solar freezers have been installed in all the remote islands of Vava’u aimed to assist fishermen and communities in storing their food items and catches.”

Dr. Tukunga said that the solar freezer project are managed and monitored by the women and it covers all inhabited outer-islands of Vava'u.

“It is clear that the two solar freezers in Ofu are well monitored where the women group has collected revenues from. The money collected goes to group’s bank account and a part of it for the maintenance of the freezers.”
According to Dr. Tukunga the fees for storing food items and ice blocks in the freezer varies in the islands.

Both of the islands have solar lights, solar street lights and solar freezers. Ofu has 64 solar light systems, 14 solar street lights and two solar freezers while ‘Olo’ua has 34 solar light systems, eight solar street lights and 1 solar freezer.

The ministers were accompanied by the CEOs for MEIDECC Mr. Paula Ma’u and Public Enterprises Mr. Sione ‘Akau’ola together with some of MEIDECC staff.

The visit was organized by the Officer In Charge for MEIDECC’s Office in Vava’u Ms. Lucy Fa’anunu.


Issued by the: Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Climate Change and Communications.

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