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NEMO and HMAF conduct drill exercise in Ha’apai

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22nd June 2018 A team of six from the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) is in Ha’apai as part of a drill exercise led by His Majesty’s Armed Forces (HMAF) to mobilise and transport heavy equipment in times of emergency. The team arrived in Ha’apai on the 19th of June.

NEMO’s officer in Ha’apai Ms. Lu’isa Tonga said that the exercise aims to prepare NEMO and HMAF in urgent deployment to the northern islands in the event of an emergency, set up and support evacuation and support affected communities with sanitation and water issues.

“The team brought one water truck, one septic pump truck, one cargo truck, 18 portaloos, 2 generators, one desalination unit, 8 lights powered by generators and 6 large tents.”

Tonga said that the equipment brought from Tonga is utilized to support communities that require assistance with regards to sanitation and water issues.

“The water truck transports water to those communities who are in need of water and we also support the halls occupied by the Free Wesleyan Church conference members.”

“The last time a septic pump truck was in Ha’apai was 30-40 years ago, hence we have identified that sewage tanks in Ha’apai that are needed to be pumped so those are our priority areas.”

Assistant Work Officer from Mr. Tesimoni Taufateau said that the water tank transport water from Tonga Water Board to the communities identified by NEMO’s office in Ha’apai who need it urgently.

The exercise is led by Commander Ulakai of HMAF. The team will depart Ha’apai in July 28.


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