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PM presents $3.4 million Pa’anga cheque to non-government schools

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25th May, 2018 Following Cyclone Gita in February 2018, the damage assessment found that approximately 75 percent of Primary schools, 88 percent of Secondary schools and 56 percent of Tertiary Institutes across Tongatapu and ‘Eua were directly affected. A total of 109 out of 150 schools with an estimated 23, 000 students at all levels of education were affected. Government has finalized the phased strategy to cater for immediate and long-term approach to school repair, retrofitting and reconstruction that enables both Government and Non-Government operated schools to return to normal operation as soon as possible. They include:

  1. Completed planning, design and sourcing financing for the TC Gita education reconstruction program totaling to approximately $35.0 million Pa’anga; and
  2. Government committed $4.7 million Pa’anga to the program comprising:

i) $1.3 million Pa’anga for the Government schools repair through MET currently underway;

ii) $3.4 million Pa’anga as a relief grant for the purpose of minor repairs and works for school facilities and water and sanitation. This will also cover for reimbursement needs for schools that have undertaken minor repair works.

3. Government requested the World Bank support with approximately TOP$30.0 million to fund reconstruction and upgrading the remaining damaged school building stock to make it more resilient to natural hazards and made to minimize future impacts on students’ education including ensuring long-term resilience for future disasters, tsunamis, special needs (inclusiveness) and less cost for future reconstruction.

The Government acknowledges and wishes to extend their sincere appreciation of the work that has been progressed in the recovery efforts of schools, including the World Bank. This ensures that students learning are not disrupted in the academic year.


Issued by the: Ministry of Finance and National Planning


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