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Auditing Cyber Security and Investigating Cyber Crime Training in Tonga

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24th May, 2018 More than twenty IT personnel from line ministries, public enterprises and the private sector attended a two days’ training on Auditing Cyber Security and Investigating Cyber Crime at Tungi Colonade Conference Room.

Director of the South Asian Management Technologies Foundation from India, Professor Arif Ahmed who is facilitating the workshop said the training is to increase awareness about information security.

Professor Ahmed stated that the first thing to do when conducting an audit of information security is identifying the weaknesses.

“To be able to conduct an audit of information security, you first identify what are the weaknesses, so that the organization can take the necessary steps mitigate these weaknesses.”

He stressed that since cyber trade is becoming an increasing phenomenal over the world, it’s important that the government and its citizens protect their information from the cyber-criminals.

This is the first time such training is being conducted here in Tonga. Professor Ahmed hoped that the participating members will benefit from this training and will be able to establish a good robust system.

“I would hope that the people participating here will benefit from it, go back to their offices and audit their information systems for themselves, patch the vulnerabilities and establish a good robust system, because in the region that you are in, it has its own information security dependence.. So it’s very important for us to keep that particular infrastructure secured.”

Director of the Tonga National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Mr. Saia Vaipuna said “We hope that through this training we can help minimize the risks within our own organizations and  ensure the full benefit and purpose of the these critical infrastructure and systems are not threatened”

Assisting Professor Ahmed in facilitating the training is a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Mr. Indranil Dasgupta, and the Director of a Singapore based Company, the Ken Knowledge International Pte LtD Ms. Kasey L. Tan.

The training is hosted by the Tonga National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) under the Ministry of MEIDECC.


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