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Building Awareness on Green Climate Fund (Gcf) with the Non-Government Organizations (N.G.O) & Private Sectors

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26th April, 2018 The Tonga Green Climate Fund Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme (RPSP) Management Unit under the Department of Climate Change, (MEIDECC) delivered a half day training with the N.G.O and Private Sector on Tuesday April 24th 2018.

The training was facilitated by the GCF RPSP Unit and Mr. Uikelotu Vunga delivered both the opening and welcoming speech on behalf of the Director of Climate Change followed with the introduction of the participants and the GCF advisor Mr. Othniel Yila, funded by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

The training covered a comprehensible and extensive break down screening various fundamental components of the Fund from what is available to these sectors to the important role played by the National Designated Authority (N.D.A). It was very engaging and a riveting training as reflected by the deep interest and barrages of questions posed by the participants.

During the training it was highlighted the importance to generate high quality project proposals which are aligned with Tonga’s Strategic Framework outlined by the Joint National Action Plan (JNAP) in order for proposals to move forward to the next step. The vital role the “No-objection” procedure was explained which will accompany project proposals to the Fund showing the full backing of the country and the N.D.A.

The Ministry of Finance and National Planning (MoFNP) is currently in working towards being Tonga’s national Accredited Entity (A.E), N.G.O’s and Private Sectors were also informed that they are eligible of being an A.E as well.

After the training, both N.G.O and Private Sectors were confident to begin working on concepts to develop into full project proposals.


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