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Assistance to Tropical Cyclone Gita

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01st March 2018 In the wake of the Tropical Cyclone Gita that hit the Kingdom of Tonga on Monday 12 February, 2018, the Government and the people of Tonga wishes to extend their sincerest gratitude for the emergency response and relief assistance received from international agencies and governments, in the aftermath of the devastating natural disaster.

The Government of Tonga wishes to acknowledge herewith, the timely humanitarian assistance of medical supplies, food, water and basic necessities donated by the Governments of Australia and New Zealand. Messages of sympathies and commitment to provide financial and in-kind support were received from the Governments of the

People’s Republic of China, Japan, Israel and UAE, during the Kingdom’s rebuild process.

In addition, the Government is also grateful to the support delivered by the International Red Cross, the non-government agencies, civil societies and churches, through volunteer help, centers and shelters available for evacuation and refuge to all affected families and communities, during Tropical Cyclone Gita.

The Government, under the coordination of the National Emergency and Management Office (NEMO) is finalizing its damage and impact assessment, and will make a formal announcement to the public, later in the week.



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