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Tropical Cyclone Gita, Press Release No.1

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12th February, 2018 The Tonga National Emergency Management Office was activated this morning at 7:00am in preparation for Tropical Cyclone Gita now a Category 3, and as of 8:00pm today was located near 20.9 South 168.6 West or 670km East-Northeast of Nuku’alofa or 600km East-Northeast of Lifuka.

Close to its Center, Tropical Cyclone Gita is expected to have average winds of 80 knots possibly increasing to 90 knots. TC Gita is moving Southwest about 10 knots.

A Tropical Cyclone warning remains in force for Vava’u, Ha’apai and ‘Eua, and a strong wind warning remains in force for the Niuas.


The National Emergency Management Committee (NEMC) chaired by the Hon. Minister Poasi Tei (MEIDECC) meet this afternoon to update the Committee on the preparedness for TC Gita as well as enabling access to resources to support the Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) and Relief Operation.

Every family should have an emergency kit packed in their homes. Everyone should be mindful of what might cause damage within their homes such as large trees that can potentially damage a house.

If you’re living in flood prone areas please think ahead and plan on moving to your usual evacuation centres. Take care of all your furnishings and pets making sure they’re safe and secure before you leave. Please be mindful of those around you, widows, children, elderly people, and the disabled, those who will need help moving from their homes because it will be flooded or prone to be affected by heavy winds.

Please avoid unnecessary travel and keep off the roads. If your house is safe, stay at home.

There are Evacuation Centres all over Tongatapu as well as Vava’u, Ha’apai and ‘Eua. Please contact NEMO on 26 340 or 08006366 for any emergency.

Response Agencies are working together with NEMO to facilitate all calls from the public and dispatching support where help is needed.

The Tonga Meteorological Service Tropical Cyclone Warning centre was activated at 12:00 midnight 10 February 2018.



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