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Training to enhance exporters’ knowledge on the new ECS for HTFA Export Pathway Crops

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09th February, 2018 A one-day accredited training was conducted by the Quarantine and Quality Management Division (QQMD) under the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Food (MAFF) yesterday at the ministry’s head office.

The training aimed to enhance exporters’ knowledge on the new ‘Export Certification System (ECS) for Hot Temperature Forced Air (HTFA) Export Pathway Crops’.

Head of QQMD Dr. Viliami Kami said, “ECS is designed to ensure the consistent future delivery of accurate Tonga export phytosanitary certification of HTFA export pathway plant products meeting New Zealand’s import phytosanitary requirements.”

Dr. Kami reminded participants to be mindful of the process in order to protect Tonga’s agriculture products from invasive species and minimize potential risks that may be harmful to the environment.

The aspects of the ECS will also facilitate the delivery of MAFF export phytosanitary certification for other plant products outside of the HTFA export pathway.

Tonga MAFF’s ECS has been designed to ensure all HTFA pathway participants understand:

  • New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industry’s (MPI) import phytosanitary requirements;
  • Their specific roles and responsibilities, and
  • Only phytosanitary compliant product is presented for export.

The ECS is applicable to all HTFA export crops such as papaya, tomato, mango, and breadfruit. It is also being made available to HTFA export pathway participants.


Issued by the: Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change & Communications.

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