Tonga Mo’ui Lelei

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28th January 2015 Tonight on "Tonga Mo'ui Lelei" the Deputy CEO of Sports, Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA)- 'Onetoto "Anisi talks about MIA's role with TongaHealth as a multi-sectoral partner; working towards strengthening Tonga's fight against NCDs (Non Communicable Diseases).

MIA is actively involved in promoting and facilitating physical activities in Tonga, and plays an important part in working towards achieving the goals set forth by the National NCD strategy 2015-2020. Catch it all tonight at 7:30pm on TV Tonga..

Generic Information about the TV show:
"In it’s formative years TongaHealth worked as an independent body, and was a link between the community, NGOs, and the Government to promote health by fighting Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs). As an organization there was just one focussed commitment - to combat this burden of disease and promote healthy lifestyle changes throughout Tonga.

Now in it’s eighth year, TongaHealth has been appointed the role of an NCD administrative and planning secretariat to oversee new delegations in the governance of NCD prevention and control. TongaHealth will now function as the central coordinating body for the National Strategy for the Prevention and Control of NCDs. In effect, TongaHealth will work at strengthening coordination, integration, monitoring and evaluation of the NCD prevention & awareness work carried out by it's multi-sectoral partners according to the National Non Communicable Disease Strategy - the Hala Fononga.

"Tonga Mo'ui Leleli" is TongaHealth's 30 min television show that airs on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. 7:30pm on TV Tonga. The main aim of "Tonga Mo'ui Leleli" is twofold. On one hand it is to make the people understand of the changing role of TongaHealth and on the other it is to create awareness and also share the vast multi-sectoral work that is being and done and will be done in the months to come with various Government Ministries as well as some NGO's as part of the National NCD strategy's multi-sectoral approach. The show will have CEO's/ representatives of various line ministries and organizations talk about their specific role/activities as part of the implementation of the National NCD strategy as well as informative and interesting short videos integrated with the interviews/discussions. The Australian Government is providing financial support to the design and implementation of the National NCD Strategy."


Issued by the: Tonga Health


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