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Tongan NFL brothers keen to help local youth through Government

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5 May 2011 Two Tongan-American gridiron football stars called on the Prime Minister last week to discuss prospects for helping local youth through educational or sports development.

Chris (28) and Ma‟ake Kemoe‟atu (32), who were in Tonga to visit family and friends, met with Prime Minister Lord Tu‟ivakano on Thursday 5th May.

The Kemoe‟atu brothers are both professional National Football League (NFL) players in the U.S., with Chris playing as an Offensive Guard for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Ma‟ake as a Defensive Tackle for the Washington Redskins. Chris Kemoe‟atu has competed in two victorious Superbowl Championships in his career, and reached the finals in last year‟s tournament.

Both were born in Tonga before migrating with their family to the United States at a young age.

"It‟s always good to see our Tongan youth who have been able to attain opportunities overseas and represent our small country as ambassadors," said the Prime Minister Lord Tu‟ivakano during a special press conference at the Foreign Affairs Office in Nuku‟alofa.

"For our local youth, it shows that their futures do not have to be limited only to academics, but there are other doors of opportunity, including sports and vocational careers."
Ma‟ake Kemoe‟atu said that the brothers retain strong ties to Tonga and their cultural identity.

"Tongans are very talented in sports, and there are a lot of Tongan players in the NFL who want to help Tonga... My brothers are interested in supporting local youth in education and sports."
The Kemoe‟atu brothers plan to continue talks with Government on possible assistance for Tongan projects in the future. They returned to the United States on 7th May.

Chris and Ma‟ake Kemoe‟atu were born in Tonga and raised in Kahuku, Hawaii. Their father Rev. Manako Melino Kemoe‟atu is from Falevai, Vava‟u and mother Vahea Kemoe‟atu from 'Ohonua, 'Eua.


Issued by the: Prime Minister's Office, Nuku'alofa, 2011.(Photo Courtesy: Prime Minister's Office)

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