AGENCIES: Government Agencies (as of January 2015)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 09:12

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES Since the Government restructure of July 1, 2012, 9 bodies and Departments of the Government were declared Agencies, one that is independent of a Minister and one that is represented by a Ministerial Portfolio.These are latest update as of 2015


Palace Office

Office of Lord Privy Seal/Nat, ID Office

The Palace Office is made up of 5 departments responsible for management of the affairs of the Head of State and the Royal Family. His Majesty's Departments include the Office of the Lord Privy Seal, Office of the Lord Chamberlain, Master of the Royal Household and Tonga Traditions, The National Identity Card Office and the administrative Palace Office. Independent Agency

His Majesty's Armed Forces (HMAF)

Tonga Defence Services is now known as His Majesty's Armed Forces. It is an Independent Agency of the Government and public service

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Independent Agency

Public Service Commission (PSC)

The Public Service Commission is Tonga's Office that is responsible for the welfare of the civil servants being employed under the Government Public Service.

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Agency Reporting to a Minister (Prime Minister)

Attorney General's Office (Crown Law)

The Attorney General's Office was previously known as the Crown Law Department. It is headed by the Attorney General (equivalent to Ministerial portfolio) and the Head of Department (CEO) is the Solicitor General.

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Independent Agency

Audit Office

The Audit Office is an independent body of Government that reports directly to Parliament. It is headed by an Auditor General. Independent Agency

National Bureau of Statistics (Statistics Dept)

The National Bureau of Statistics was formerly known as the Statistics Department.It is headed by the Government Statistician Agency Reporting to a Minister (Minister for Finance and National Planning)

Legislative Assembly  (Parliament Office)

The Legislative Assembly is an independent body and second form of Government including the Cabinet and the Judiciary. Its members is elected by the people in General Elections (17 constituencies) plus 9 representatives of the Nobles of the Realms. The Legislative Assembly is presided by a Speaker and the members of the House of Parliament elects the Head of Government (Prime Minister) and the Prime Minister-elect elects his Cabinet from members of the House.

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Independent Agency
8 Lord Chamberlain Office Independent Agency

Public Relations Commission (PRC)

Independent Agency
Tonga Electoral Commission  (TEC) Quasi-Government - Agency Represented by Minister for Justice
Tonga Energy Road Map (TERM)
Friendly Islands Shipping Agency  (FISA)
National Retirement Fund Board www.nrfb
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