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Tonga Energy Roadmap gets a boost from REEEP

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17 Jan. 2012, Abu Dhabi. Agreement signed at World Future Energy Summit provides technical assistance funding.

The Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (REEEP) today signed an agreement with the Honourable Lord Ma'afu, Tonga's Minister of Lands, Survey, Natural Resources, Energy, Environment and Climate Change, to provide funds that will be instrumental in enabling the Tonga Energy Roadmap to be developed according to plan.

The Tonga Energy Roadmap (TERM) is an ambitious ten-year plan which aims to decrease the country's dependence on expensive imported fossil fuels, to increase energy efficiency, and to provide a significant share of the country's energy needs from renewable sources. Taken together, these measures will represent a dramatic restructuring of Tonga's energy sector.

This REEEP funding will lay the actual foundations for the rollout of the TERM, enabling the drafting of the legislative framework, and the making of specific recommendations on how institutions should be structured or adapted to realise the plan. The signing ceremony took place at the 2012 World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.

"The provision of technical assistance for the legislative review is fundamental to the energy sector reform for the Kingdom of Tonga," said Lord Ma'afu, the Hon. Minister of Lands, Natural Resources, Environment and Climate, "and this project confirms REEEP's status as a valuable development partner, reaffirming its commitment to helping Tonga towards a clean energy future."

Martin Hiller, the Director General of REEEP noted that "we are really pleased to be taking such a strategic role in enabling the planning for Tonga's energy future. We're particularly interested because the Tonga Energy Roadmap could also become a blueprint for other Pacific Island states that are grappling with similar challenges."

For further information please contact:

Vince Reardon
Communications Consultant to REEEP
REEEP International Secretariat
Vienna, Austria
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Mobile: +49-177-234-1716

Director Tonga Energy Roadmap Implementation Unit
Nuku'alofa, Kingdom of Tonga
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World Bank prepares mission for Tonga Energy Roadmap Implementation Project

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14 September 2011. The World Bank will send an Energy Sector Mission team to Tonga from September 20 - 23, 2011, to advance the preparation of the proposed WB and PRIF-supported Tonga Energy Roadmap Implementation Project.

The objectives of the mission are to: (i) agree on the scope and implementation arrangements for the proposed project; and (ii) work with TERM IU to initiate work on the social and environmental aspects of the project.

The World Bank team would be led by Wendy Hughes (Senior Energy Specialist). Other mission members would be Mr. Tendai Gregan (energy specialist focusing on the petroleum supply chain study), Mr. Martin Swales (engineer / financial analyst), Mr. Paul Fulton (renewable energy and grid integration specialist), Ms. Pene Ferguson (environmental specialist), and Mr. Wolfgang Mostert (renewable energy financing specialist). Mr. Swales and Mr. Fulton will arrive in Tonga on September 14 and 17 respectively, for pre-mission technical discussions with TPL.

Mr. Mark Fogarty, Director of REEEP (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership) will be in Tonga at the same time and would join the mission team.

During the mission, the team will meet with representatives from the Government, including Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Lands and Environment, Ministry of Public Enterprises, the TERM IU Interim Director - Mrs. ‘Emeline Tuita and team, and TPL Senior Management. The team would also meet with representatives of all Government agencies with responsibilities in various aspects of the petroleum regulation and supply chain, to discuss the way forward regarding the recommendations of the petroleum studies completed last year. The team also plans to meet with representatives of other development partners, civil society and private sector to discuss the proposed project objectives and scope.


Issued by the: Prime Minister's Office, Nuku'alofa, 2011.


Governance and Legal Committee (GLC) of IRENA concludes meeting in Abu Dhabi

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29 August 2011

The Governance and Legal Committee of the International Renewable Energy Agency or IRENA, concluded its first ever meeting last Thursday 25th August, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, with clear guidelines and policy determinations that would guide the IRENA roadmap towards greater renewable energy and energy efficiency in the international community in the foreseeable future.

The GLC is one of three sub committees of IRENA that was set up to assist the governing council on policies and legislative issues as a means of determining and guiding the future of the international organisation.

Amongst various issues under debate, the GLC paid special attention to the rules and procedures of the IRENA General Assembly. This is an important aspect of the governing structure as members attempt to find common grounds on determining the membership of the governing council of IRENA.

Of significance is the fact that Tonga is currently a sitting member on the Council, following the election of the Prime Minister, Lord Tu'ivakano during the last IRENA General Assembly in May of this year. Lord Tu'ivakano's membership on the governing council also represents the South Pacific region.

The GLC session has yet to make a recommendation to the IRENA Council and subsequently to the IRENA General Assembly, on how it wishes the membership of the Council to be determined, either it be geographical, cultural or on a contributory distribution. However, the GLC recommendation will not affect the current membership of the Tongan Prime Minister, Lord Tu'ivakano on the Governing Council until his term expires in 2012.

Tonga is currently the Chair of the GLC Committee, and leading Tonga's delegation is the Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mahe ‘Uli'uli Tupouniua, and includes the Communications Advisor to the Prime Minister, ‘Ahongalu Fusimalohi, and the Prime Minister's Special Advisor, ‘Akauola.


Issued by the: Prime Minister's Office, Nuku'alofa, 2011.

Last Updated ( Monday, 17 October 2011 23:05 )

Tonga sets 2012 target for rooftop solar electrification

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6 May 2011 

The Government of Tonga has announced plans to enable the setup of rooftop solar electric systems around the country, as part of on-going efforts by the Tonga Energy Road Map [TERM] to help curb dependence on fossil fuels.

At a special handover event at St Andrew's High School last weekend, the Prime Minister Lord Tu'ivakano declared an initial target of 150 rooftop PV systems to be installed by the private sector by 2012.

These can produce more than 1 Megawatt of electrical energy per year, or about 5 percent of the country's electricity consumption. Currently, 99 percent of local power is generated from fossil fuels.

"My government is determined to explore every possible channel under TERM, to see that we adhere to the scheduled program of actions adopted by IRENA [International Renewable Energy Agency], so that we are able to achieve the required percentage of fuel reduction by the set timelines," said the Prime Minister.

St Andrew's High School will be given an 8 kilowatt PV solar system as a donation from European solar energy management company ImmoSolar. The project is one of a number of similar programs on TERM's agenda over the next couple of years.

Presenting the donation for ImmoSolar was Raphaël Domjan, initiator of the PlanetSolar project, whose mission to sail around the globe using only solar energy brought the world's largest solar-powered ship for an overnight stop in Tonga last week.

At a special reception hosted for the crew, politicians - including long time MP ‘Akilisi Pohiva - diplomats, local business people and members of the media heard about Government's plans to integrate renewable energy policies as a vital part of Tonga's future.

"It goes without saying, that renewable energy is the way forward, but it is also the answer to our current needs in finding a healthier environment... [Through TERM] we can only look forward to a more prosperous living standard for our people," said the Prime Minister.

The Government of Tonga developed the Tonga Energy Road Map in 2009 with the aim of cutting green house gas emissions and improving national energy security. TERM works by bringing together various donors under a single sector-wide scheme to support renewable energy use through modern, environmentally sustainable ways.


Issued by the: Ministry of Information and Communications, Nuku'alofa, 2011. (Photo: Talanoa Langi)

Last Updated ( Monday, 17 October 2011 23:07 )

Tonga elected to IRENA council

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06 April, 2011.

The Pacific Island Kingdom of Tonga now sits alongside countries such as United States, France, Germany and Australia as part of the 21-member Council for the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

The council was elected after two days of deliberations at IRENA's First General Assembly on the 4th and 5th of April in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The landmark summit included more than 800 delegates representing IRENA's 149 member countries.

The Prime Minister of Tonga, Lord Tu'ivakano was the first speaker at the High Level Segment on the first day of sessions, where participants addressed issues such as development and energy access, the role and governance of IRENA, climate change and national experiences.

Lord Tu'ivakano said IRENA must be innovative and take a leading role in a multilateral approach to deal with renewable energy.

He called for the Agency to avoid the example set by some international financial and donor institutions, which often did not have positive impacts on development.

Lord Tu'ivakano led Tonga's delegation, accompanied by Ambassador Designate to UAE, His Royal Highness The Crown Prince, Prince Tupouto'a Lavaka, the Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mahe'uli'uli Tupouniua and the Prime Minister's Special Advisor, ‘Akau'ola.

According to IRENA's new Director-General, Dr Adnan Amin, the newly-elected council will play a key role in the organisation's decision making, carried out at bi-annual meetings.

Developing nations such as Senegal, Eritrea and Mali are also members of the council, with Tonga as the only Pacific Island council member.

The Government of Tonga acknowledged the support from other Pacific member countries in its bid to join the council.

IRENA was officially established on 26 January 2009 as an inter-governmental organisation to promote the use and adoption of renewable energy sources around the world.


Issued by the: Ministry of Information and Communications., Nuku'alofa, 2011. (Photo courtesy: Prime Minister's Office)

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