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Inaugural Tonga-Japan Economic Cooperation Dialogue

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8 April 2013 Hon Lisiate ‘Aloveita ‘Akolo, Minister  for  Finance and  National Planning , Hon Dr. Viliami Uasike Latu ,Minister  for  Commerce, Tourism  and  Labour  together  with  H.E. Dr. Kazuchika Hamuro ,Japanese  Ambassador  to  Tonga , and  officials  from both  Governments  conducted  the  first  Tonga - Japan  Economic  Co-operation  Policy  Dialogue  to  discuss the  Japanese  Overseas  Development  Corporation   (ODA)  To Tonga , at the Fa'onelua Convention Centre .

The objective of the dialogue was to  ensure the Japanese Government  have a better  understanding of  Government  of Tonga Development priorities, process and  procedures and  for Government  of Tonga to  gain a better appreciation  of the Japanese  Overseas Development  Aid  (ODA)  and  to  ensure the achievement  of Tonga  Strategic  Development  Framework  ( TSDF)  vision which is to develop  and  promote  a just , equitable and  progressive  society  in  which  the  people  of Tonga  enjoy good health ,  peace, harmony and  prosperity  in  the meeting   their aspiration s in life."

The  Government of  Tonga shares  the  vision of the  Japan  Country  Assistance  Policy for the  Kingdom  of  Tonga  which is to ; achieve   sustainable  green  growth  and  improve social  welfare   of the  People  through  inclusive  growth.  Japan's  development   cooperation  with  the  Kingdom  of  Tonga  focuses  on  environmental  protection  and  climate  change ,  improvement  of  basic  social  services,  and  enhancement  of   infrastructures  for  sustainable  social  and  economic   development   based  on the  TSDF  is  a  solid  roadmap for  progress.

Although  Tonga  has  achieved high  standards measured  against   the  Millennium Development  Goals  (MDGs)  issues  have  been  identified  and   work  remains  it the  areas  of  Non- Communicable  Disease  (NCD),  the quality  of education  and lack  of economic  opportunities,  particularly  for young people. Improving the  resilience of our people  and  country  to meet   climate  change  remains  an   issue  and we must  continue  to assist  and  ensure  the  benefit  reach  the  grassroots  level  vulnerable  community   where  it  is  most  needed   and   the greatest   impact  will be made  . The Government  of  Tonga ‘s   highest priority in relation  to the  Japanese  ODA  is  the  provision  of clean  and  safe  water supply   system to the outer island  and  upgrade of Tonga College,  ‘Atele

Both  government expect  to  have  such  dialogues  on   an  annual  basis   to  ensure  the  Japanese ODA  are  used  effectively  and  efficiently .

Several major projects funded  by  the  Government  of  Japan over the recent years include

  • Provision of M.V ‘Otuanga'ofa
  • .Phase 1 and II of the Vaiola Hospital
  • Provision of Solar Home system to outer islands
  • Upgrade and renovations to village water supply systems
  • Upgrade and renovation of schools

Japan provides through  their Embassy  and  Japan International Cooperation   Agency  (JICA)for the 12/13FY  an estimated TOP 12m .


Issued by the: Ministry of Finance and National Planning, Nuku'alofa, 2013. For more information contact  Aid and Project Management Division on (676) 28120.

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