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Ambassador hands-over 901 Soroban to Ministry of Education

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27 July 2012. On Friday, 27th July 2012, Hon. Dr. ‘Ana Taufe'ulungaki, Minister for Education & Training, received a donation of 901 Soroban which was handed-over by H.E. Mr. Yasuo Takase, Japanese Ambassador to the Kingdom of Tonga, and Mr. Makoto Tsujimoto, Resident Representative of JICA Tonga Office, on behalf of the people of Okinawa in Japan.

In November 2011, the Water Business Study Group including members of the Okinawa Employers' Association visited Tonga on a business trip led by their chairperson, Mr. Eiji Chinen. Ms. Sakiko Suzuki, a JICA volunteer in the field of Soroban, is also from Okinawa, and she was accompanied to the team during their visit. Ms. Suzuki along with Ms. Manami Tsuchida, another JICA volunteer in the same Soroban field working in Vava'u Education Office, gave the team some insight of the Soroban education in Tonga through discussions and presentations which resulted in the donation of the Soroban. The chairperson of the Association, Mr. Chinen was very much impressed and seeing that there is a possible future of Soroban, and they decided to collect Soroban and send to students in Tonga. These donations were gathered from companies, schools, rotary club and people of Okinawa.

Further, during the 6th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM6) held in Okinawa in May 2012, Mr. Chinen had the opportunity to present the Soroban to Lord Tu'ivakano, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Tonga, and it was witnessed by high ranking officials such as Mr. Hirokazu Nakaima, the Governor of Okinawa Prefecture, H.E. Mr. Haruhisa Takeuchi, Ambassador in charge of Okinawan Affairs, Representative of the Government of Japan, and Mr. Hiroto Arakawa, Vice-President of JICA.


For further enquires please contact : Embassy of Japan in Tonga (Telephone 22-221 / Fax 27-025) or
JICA Tonga Office (Telephone 24-361 / Fax 23-284), National Reserve Bank of Tonga Building


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