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Japan upgraded Ta'anea Village's Water Supply System

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3 January 2012. The Government of Japan under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project, GGP upgraded the water supply system for Ta'anea village in Vava'u Island on 30th January 2012.

H.E Mr. Yasuo Takase the Japanese Ambassador in the Kingdom of Tonga visited Ta'anea to officially hand-over the project on January 26, 2012. Along with the representative from the village and residents, Lord Fulivai, Governor of Vava'u, Honorable Sunia Manu Fili, Minister for Finance and National Planning, and Honorable Dr. Viliami Uasike Latu, Minister for Tourism and People Representative from Vava'u also attended the hand-over ceremony. H.E. Mr. Takase made a speech in Tongan and emphasized that the people of Japan would be glad to see this facility is fully utilized for the betterment of welfare of the community of Ta'anea.

Ta'anea Village Water Committee received financial assistance totaling US$52,703 (T$89,540.15) for "The Project for upgrading water supply system for Ta'anea Village." The assistance enabled the installment of; a solar water pump, a diesel generator for back-up, a pump house with fence around to protect the solar pump system. The construction work was successfully done by the ST Plumping Services.

Ta'anea's water supply system was installed in the 1970's, due to deterioration of materials, and leakage of pipes the water supply to the entire village was disrupted. With the new upgraded water supply system, 193 households can now access to better and cleaner water supply. And, the new solar pumping system reduces the cost of diesel fuel required for the pumping machines.

The Government of Japan has financially assisted 24 grass-root projects in Vava'u since 2000 through its GGP. This assistance epitomizes Japan's commitment to support efforts by the People and the Government of the Kingdom of Tonga to ensure basic human needs and achieve the Millennium Development Goals. It is also hoped that this assistance will help further strengthen the friendly ties between the government and the people of the Kingdom of Tonga and Japan.


Further enquires please contact: Mr. Fumihito Shinohara, Second Secretary, Embassy of Japan in Tonga.
Level 5, National Reserve Bank of Tonga Building / Telephone: 22-221 / Fax 27-025 (PR2012# 2)

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