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Sopu Sea Shore Clean-Campaign

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26 November, 2011. Tonga is blessed with magnificent coral reef groups and many fish among its seas. This beautiful nature attracts many tourists to Tonga from the world each year. However, protection of nature is becoming a bigissue.

According to the questionnaire findings performed against a tourist, many tourists who came to Tonga pointed out that the beauty of nature of Tonga was splendid. But on the other hand, they were not happy with the ugly sight of garbage on the roadsides and seaside.

Mr. Yoshiaki Aratani, a Senior Volunteer dispatched from JICA to work at the Fisheries, lives along the seaside and based on his proposal, the "SOPU Seashore Clean-up Campaign" was performed and hosted by Fisheries and supported by the Ministry of Environment and JICA Tonga Office on November 26.

The purpose of this campaign is to pick up rubbish along Vuna Road in Sopu approximately 2km from Little Italy to the Fisheries Office. It was expected that around 100 people will participate but more than 200 turned up including the local GPS principal and its students. The program was also supported by the local community both adults and children participated.

According to Mr. Aratani, it is important that local residents have an interest in nature and that they implement the campaign frequently. Not only will it conserve nature but it may attract more tourists to the Kingdom. We need to spread this movement throughout Tonga.

Mr. Aratani, who called for this Campaign completes his 2 years of assignment term in January 2012 and will return to Japan with wife Masako Aratani.


By JICA Volunteers; Mr Suzuki. Issued by the: Ministry of Information adn Communications, Nuku'alofa 2011.

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