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JICA donated 500 copies of children's books to TPA

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19 August 2011.  The official hand-over of 500 picture books funded by JICA to the Tonga Preschool Association (TPC) was held at 10 am on Friday 19 August 2011 at the (TPA) Hall in Pahu. Mr Hiroyuki UEDA, Volunteer Coordinator of JICA Tonga Office hand-over the books to the President of TPA Mrs Pohiva Vaiomo'unga for use in kindergartens all throughout Tonga.

The project was made possible by the collaboration of Ms Shoko Kamata, JICA Volunteer at TPA, Ms Lineni Ulamoleka from Salvation Army and Ms Kristie Cocotis, VIDA Volunteer from Salvation Army with addition funding given by Canada Fund. A total of five (5) different books were made as follows:

Book 1: "Fakaveve ‘a Miutani! - Brushing Teeth pictures book - This book shows the importance of brushing teeth

Book 2: "Ko e VAI Faka'ofo'ofa! - Washing Hands picture book - This book shows the importance of washing hands

Book 3:  "Ko e sotia malu'i ko Tika!" - Eating Good Foods (Nutrition) book - This book explains what shall we eat and what is the reason

Book 4: "Fiefia Ho'o Mo'ui Lelei!" - Exercise book - This book shows how important the friendships are and during exercise

Book 5: "'Oku mau malohi ‘i he ‘aho kotoa pe!" -  Overall of those 4 books - This book shows many Tongan animals, God's creatures and shows their daily lives.

In collaboration with the Salvation Army Health Team, Ms Shoko Kamata (JICA) saw the need for pa picture-book in kindergartens. The picture-books develops the children's sensitivity and thoughts such as imagination, knowledge, courage and not only that but it makes their minds progress in many ways.

A variety of studies have proven that picture-books help to develop reading habits in the future.

The picture-books will be distributed to all the kindergartens in Tonga and to hospitals and some clinics. They will also be used in community health projects by the Salvation Army Team


Issued by the: Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Nuku'alofa, 2011. Photo: MIC

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