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Health Ministry launches Tonga National Exercise program

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1 June 2011. This week, the Ministry of Health launched the first -ever Tonga National Exercise program in Nuku'alofa, with many promotional activities and campaigns to follow. This program was also part of the Ministry's World No-Tobacco Day commemoration on 31 May.

The theme encourages the conception that ‘All people can have fun with exercise, anytime, anywhere."

Over the years, the Ministry of Health has conducted health campaigns to prevent various health problems that may arise from obesity which included the ‘Ma'alahi', and ‘Walk for Health (Lue Mo'ui Lelei). The Tonga National Exercise program is one of the newest of those campaigns.

With the growing importance and popularity of such health campaigns in the community for instance, the Ministry of Health has submitted its request to Japan's International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for a specially-trained instructor to be dispatched to Tonga.

Aya Fukuda, JICA volunteer, was assigned to the Ministry of Health in March 2010 as an instructor of aerobics. Her involvement in the program has played a key role in creating the Tonga National Exercise.

"It has been a long-time desire for Japanese volunteers to develop the Tonga National Exercises.  I was so happy to contribute for this occasion," said Aya Fukuda.

The debut of the Tonga National Exercise was held at the Teufaiva Outdoor Stadium, on 30 May and sponsored by the Ministry of Health.

Ms. Aya Fukuda was on the stage to instruct Tonga National Exercise showcase, and despite the rain, many people took part in the event, including the Prime Minister's wife, Lady Tu'ivakano, who is an avid supporter of health promotions campaigns in Tonga.


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