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Ten new Japanese programs to run on TV Tonga

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15 February 2011

The Embassy of Japan is proud to continue the cultivation of its good relations and association with the people of Tonga with its many introduction of its cultural activities into the Tongan community.

The latest program in the pipeline was its presenting to Tonga Broadcasting Commission of ten variety Japanese television programs to be viewed for free on TV Tonga 2.

The genre includes educational programs for children as well as animations, documentaries and dramas (please refer to the attached summary of each program).

These programs are not only entertaining and informative, but also something that give the viewers an insight into Japanese culture.

It is hoped that this program will contribute to a better mutual understanding between the people of Japan and the people of Tonga and accelerate further strengthening the friendship between our two countries.

View Japanese TV Programme on TV Tonga Scheduled


Issued by the: Ministry of Information and Communications, Nuku'alofa, 2011.

1. CHIBI MARUKO CHAN (94 min. )
The title character, Maruko is a nine-year-old third-grade student raised in a relatively poor family of six. The movie depicts the life of a little girl named Maruko and her interactions with school friends and her unique family members. This is a funny and heart-warming animation that makes us realize the importance of family and friends.

2. NEVER GIVE UP (10 min. )
A young girl named Achieng lived happily with her parents in a beautiful village in Africa. But AIDS took everyone from her; father, young sister and mother. She was ostracized by her neighbors and lost her zest for life.
One day a group came to her village to put on a puppet show about AIDS. They cheered Achieng up and presented a young woman to the villagers. She had left the village to earn money to support her family, but she got ill and tested HIV positive. She is fighting against AIDS with the help of many people. Listening to what she said, the villagers changed their negative attitude toward Achieng. In the end, she got back her zest for life.

3. ROCKIE AND HER FRIENDS (15 min. x 4 episodes)
Rockie and Her Friends is a puppet show featuring creatures such as a dinosaur, a snail, a hippopotamus and a crocodile. This drama is mainly directed to Children around 7 years of age, but also appeals to a much wider audience. This 15 minute serial program deals with themes such as school life, human relationship and moral issued, etc.

4. NET VIOLENCE (69 min. )
Ryoko, a single mother with a small child, finds release from everyday stress chatting on the Internet with others in similar circumstances.
One day, however, while in the chat room, she is subjected to a vicious personal attack by a group of anonymous visitors. It is emotionally devastating. Her subsequent search for the culprits takes her to Osaka in pursuit of "Osaka Yoko", as Ryoko seeks to put an end to the perpetrators' scurrilous activities on the Net.

5. TACKLE! GET OUT IN FRONT! - The Challenges of a Mentally Disabled Students' Rugby Team - (49 min.)
"Tackle! Get out in front!" Even today, Principal Fumihiro Hatakeyama's voice echoes over the playing field. "Ryokusei-En" is home to the only rugby team comprised of mentally disabled persons. The students train daily in rugby during their three years in high school, and the results are startling. Hatakeyama hopes that with the courage and confidence they gain to become a member of society, they will leave their nests and step out on their own to take part in the community. This program displays the simple and honest tackles of the boys as they give every effort to proceed forward.

6. VITAL SIGNS (49 min.)
Tsugio Wagawa of Sendai, Japan suffers from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). He is unable to move even a single muscle of his body, but he retains full awareness and sensory perceptions.
Working with his wife Hatsumi, Tsugio gradually learned to control his brain wave activity enough that he could respond to questions. He and Hatsumi then developed their own method of "speaking".
This is a story of a journey back from the brink of death, told by a man still afflicted with an incurable illness, but a living testament to the power of a family's love and the will to live.

7. HELLO NIPPON - Supporting the Japanese Poultry Industry - (20 min.)
Jerr Quelnat Gerardo, "Gery", of the Philippines is an agricultural intern undergoing on-the-job training at the chicken farm in Chiba Prefecture. The owner of the farm, Suzuki Nobuyoshi, has no successor and is entrusting the future of the farm to Gery. He hopes to have Gery learn advanced Japanese chicken farming technology, so that in the future he can build a chicken farm in the Philippines and have Gery manage it. Gery's dreams for the future are supported by his fiancée, Irene Catura, who works as an intern at another farm.

Global environmental pollution and mounting everyday stress are factors behind and increasing illness in cities and villages alike. This series focuses on the role of public healthcare workers in the school and the community.

9. SCIENCE IN THE KITCHEN (15 min. x 10 episodes)

This series aims at encouraging parents and children n to work together at home, mainly in the kitchen, carrying out amazing experiments and making fantastic crafts, using everyday materials. As they discover that scientific experiments can be fun, children will rapidly develop their interest in science.

10. ONE, TWO, THREE MATHEMATICS (15 min. x 8 episodes)

This entertaining series for first-year primary school students has a boy named Yoshi and a charming ghost called Tapp facing the challenge of finding mathematical concepts and putting them into their proper order. This is an outstanding introduction to the logic of mathematics.


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