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Tonga International Archives Day: Speech by the Prime Minister

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10 June 2013 Transcript of the Speech by the Prime Minister of Tonga, Lord Tu'ivakano who is the Minister for Information, at the opening ceremony of the first marking of the International Archives Day in Tonga on 10 June 2013
Tapu mo e ‘Afio ‘a e ‘Otua Mafimafi
Tapu mo ‘Ene Afio, Tupou VI mo e Fale ‘o Ha'a Moheofo
Tapu mo e Hou'eiki ‘o e Fonua
Tapu mo e Hou'eiki Minisita ‘o e Kapineti
Tapu ki he Kau fakafofonga ‘o e Ngaahi Pule'anga Muli
Tapu mo e Ongo Palesiteni mo Ha'a Lotu
Tapu ki he kau Fakafofonga kotoa ‘o e Ngaahi Mesiume, ‘Aakaivi mo e Laipeli
Pea Tapu ki he Tonga Kotoa

‘Oku tau fakafeta'i ki he ‘Otua Mafimafi koe'uhi ko e ‘aho fakahisitolia ko eni ‘a hono fuofua fakahoko ha ‘aho makehe ‘i Tonga ni ke faka‘ilonga'i ‘a e ‘aho Fakamamani Lahi ‘o e Ngaahi ‘Aakaivi, pe ko hono tauhi ‘a e ngaahi lekooti mo e ngaahi fakamatala fakahisitolia, ke lelei ange mo malu ange.

Pea ‘i Tonga ni he ‘aho ni ‘oku tau fakamanatu aipe mo e ngaahi ngaue fakahisitolia mo e ngaahi lekooti ‘oku lolotonga tauhi he ngaahi mesiume mo e ngaahi laipeli. Neongo pe ‘oku si'isi'i ‘a e ngaahi ngaue mahu'inga ko ‘eni mo e ngaahi lekooti fakahisitolia ko ‘eni kaa ko e ngaahi mata'ikoloa fisifisimu'a. ‘Oku haahaamolofia ke ma'u, pea ke tau ‘ilo ki ai. ‘Oku nau fakafootunga mai ‘a e ngaahi  ngaue tootooivi mo ma'ongo'onga mo'oni mei ha kakai ‘ofa fonua mo ngaue mateaki. Na'e ‘ikai mei ‘i ai ha Tonga ‘i he ‘aho ni, ka na'e ‘ikai ‘iai ha kakai peheni kuo nau tuku mai ha ngaahi koloa mo ha ngaahi me'a'ofa fungani ma'a kitautolu. ‘Oku tau polepole kotoa ai. ‘Oku ou ‘oatu ai ha fakamalo lotohounga mo'oni mei he Pule'anga, kiate kimoutolu kotoa pe kuo mou me'a mai mo ho'omou ngaahi koloa tupu'a ketau ‘inasi fakataha ai he ‘aho ni. Ko e vaevae manava mo e loto fetokoni'aki ki hono paatoloaki ketau a'usia ‘a e ngaahi kaveinga fakafonua mahu'inga ‘o e ‘aho ni.

Ko e kaveinga moe taumu'a ‘o e fakamanatu ‘o e ‘aho fakamamani lahi ‘o e ‘akaivi ‘i he ta'u ni ...'Ke tauhi mo fakatolonga ‘a e ngaahi fakamatala ‘o e kuohili moe lolotonga ni ki he kaha'u'. Ko e faingamalie ia ke ngaue fakataha ‘a e ngaahi Potungaue ‘a e Pule'anga moe ngaahi kupu fekau'aki ‘o e fonua - Pule'anga, Siasi, Tala Fakafonua moe kakai ‘o e fonua ke tau kau fakataha ‘i hono fakamanatua ‘o e ‘aho mahu'inga ni.

‘Oku mahino mai ‘oku fiema'u ha ngaahi tokoni fakapa'anga  moe ‘ilo faka-tekinikale ki hono tauhi, fakatolonga mo tokangaekina ‘o e ngaahi fakamatala moe koloa mahu'inga ni, pea ‘oku lolotonga ngaue kiai ‘a e Komiti ‘a e Kapineti ki he Fokotu'utu'u Ngaue ki he Tau'ataina ‘a e Ngaahi Fakamatala, ‘aia ‘oku sea ai ‘a e Tokoni Palemia.

‘Oku fakatefito ‘a e kaveinga ‘o e ‘aho ni ‘o anga pehe ni:

  • ‘uluaki - fakatokanga'i e ngaue moe mahu'inga ‘o e tauhi ‘o e fakamatala moe tukufakaholo;
  • Ua - ko hono fakamalo'ia ‘o kinautolu mo fakalotolahi'i e ngaue mo polepole ‘i he tafa'aki koeni
  • Pea ko hono tolu - ki he sio ki he kaha'u, ha ngaahi faingamalie ke ‘o hake ai ha ngaahi tokoni pe lelei ki hono hokohoko atu hono tauhi, mo fakatolonga ‘o ‘etau koloa talatupu'a moe talafakafonua.

‘Oku tau ‘i heni foki he pongipongi ni mo e ngaahi pule'anga muli kae ‘uma'a ‘a e UNESCO ke tau ‘inasi fakataha ‘i hono fakatokanga'i ‘o e ngaahi ngaue kuo lava mo lolotonga fakahoko ‘e hotau kakai ‘o e fonua.

‘Oku ou fiefia ai keu ‘oatu ha talamonu ki he komiti moe katoa ‘o e ngaahi kupu fekau'aki ‘o e tauhi koloa mo e fakamatala fakatukufakaholo ke faka'ataa ‘a e ‘aho fakamanatu ni moe polokalama ‘o e ‘aho.

King Tupou VI and members of the Royal Household
Your Lordships and Nobles of the Realm
Deputy Prime Minister and Ministers of the Crown
Your Excellencies and Members of the Diplomatic Corps
Lord Speaker and Members of Parliament
Representatives from the UNESCO
Church Leaders
Archives, Museums and Library Specialists
Ladies and Gentlemen

Tonga makes history today by joining with other nations around the world in celebrating the ‘International Archives Day', for the very first time. This initiative, coordinated by the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Freedom of Information Policy through the Ministry of Information and Communications, highlights Tonga's commitment to start the Government's work towards better records management systems and information infrastructures.

While today will remind us of the importance of our history, our heritage and our traditional pride, through the information we keep and maintain, the Government of Tonga is pleased to acknowledge the work begun by the public, private and church sectors in preserving archives and history over the last centuries.

Tonga's history has been passed down through oral traditions many centuries before the written archives that we keep, however, today we begin to understand and appreciate that the written, print and published documents we keep have unique and extraordinary significance to our livelihood and the future of our children. They have actually made, what is Tonga today. Today, we focus on ‘our museums, our archives and our libraries' - all are valuable repositories of information that gives us a sense of understanding of our society and culture - our very own identity.

Preservation and access to these rare documents and artifacts has been a challenge to Tonga, with not only limited resources, technical equipment and knowledge systems but the limited recognition and appreciation of the information we have in our possession.

As we reflect on today's theme - preserving and safeguarding our past and present information for the future, let us join together in finding inspirations from the work of archivists, librarians and museums which we will experience here today.

We thank the UNESCO and our development partners from the governments of the People's Republic of China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand for their support in seeing the importance first-hand of this work for the people and the history of Tonga.

As Tonga celebrates the very first International Archives Day this year, we hope to make the public aware of the importance of archives, underpinning their rights and their identity; appeal to decision-makers to recognize the advantages of good record-keeping for good governance and well-planned development. The most important reward for today's historical day would be to raise Tonga's profile in this important area globally, with Government working together with all stakeholders.

I hope that your visit to the exhibitions and programs prepared will be both enjoyable and inspirational as we all work together towards finding ways to preserving information for the future of our children. Therefore, it is my great pleasure to officially declare this archives day, open.

Malo ‘Aupito.


Issued by the: Ministry of Information and Communications, Nuku'alofa, 2013

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