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Address by HRH Princess Anne at EPLD Closing Ceremony

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23 March, 2010 at the Fa'onelua Convention Centre.

"Your Royal Highness Princess Pilolevu, Prime Minister, Ladies and Gentlemen, Delegates, well firstly, can I thank you for your generous words and it has been a real pleasure to be back in Tonga. I would like to spend some more time here as I did the first time around, and four days I have learned a great deal more about Tonga. But not, I have to say that it is one of the Friendliest places that you could ever go. So, I am delighted to have the opportunity to renew my acquaintances."

"You have been generous with your words and I have been very touched by the generosity of all contributions. Our Chairman, whom I would like to also thank for a sterling work you have done for this place of ceremony, and I have also been touched by her generous, in her words. But she does reflect extremely well on EPLD itself but people become so enthusiastic is really nice, it's very easy to come along and bask in the shadow of your achievements, certainly. Thank you for all what you've done to make this very successful for EPLD."

"The Opening, the Study Tour Visits and the Closing have all been extremely successful and the result of a lot of hard work. So, can I thank as well, from my own perspective and I hope from yours, all those who've make contribution in time and efforts and help. To the governments of the Pacific Regions, particularly to the government of Tonga and the government of Samoa, as well as to the Australian and New Zealand governments for their support for this initiative makes a real difference to our Future Leaders in your Region and I hope that it will continue."

"As a substantial numbers, fortunately of the EPLD Sponsors, both centrally and in the level of the individual countries and territories and we could not have survived and run such a big programme without them. And the support provided by literally hundreds of Sponsors big and small, has made this event possible. To the CSC Organisations of Australia and New Zealand headed up by Dick Walden and Mars Little Mars, the Pacific Leadership Foundation under the Chairmanship of Brenda Heather Latu, already thanked but I will underlined that. And of course to the Tongan EPLD Organising Committee chaired by Mrs. Tu'ifua ."

"And to the 160 or so Alumni Volunteers and others who have made up an extensive range of support committees to the EPLD Board. Those were the ones who were ready to Glue to stuck these programmes together ! But to the EPLD Secretariat headed up by the Executive Director, Brian Pickett , ably supported by Lynn Vernon and Gibkoff. To you a very big thank you for the time and efforts you have invested in making this an event that's really obvious a success, it has been !"

"And I have been most impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment and interest, an intellectual capacity of the Participants for this Second EPLD, demonstrated by the variety, the scope of your presentations. But I hope you will bring back memories of what you enjoyed but it made those of us who are listening very nearly participants as well with your experiences for the way in which you have brought them in your travels alike."

" Thank you for what you have contributed. You have approached it in your extremely professional manner. And the challenges that you faced, just getting around, with cyclones not withstanding. You have experienced one of the real features, which people who don't live in the Pacific Region really can't quite grasp, which is the difficulty of actually getting round, of being able to communicate, to visit, to get together, to share experience and knowledge. You have made great strikes in doing that and I thank you very much."

"And I was really pleased to hear you said early this afternoon, how much do you understand of the Text you wrote, to hose people who make it possible for you to have that experienced and that you would like to invest your experience in the future. Now that is really important because half of the leadership values that we hoped that not only you have but that you will continue to have in the future by example, we will follow you !"

" I hope above all that where ever you go, whatever your careers are, and I have to say it's a little frustrating reading a little of your background and where you come and we'll never been able to catch up with all of you to find out just how it fitted in with your expectations, how it's fitted in with your previous work experience and how you think it might affect you in the future."

"But actually, I'm afraid it's down to you, so I'd probably see it's relevant . But I do wish you well with translating your experience, you enjoyment, your friendships in the most positive kind of future, for you and to those you shared this tour with. Good traveling and good fortunes to each of you. I see you continue in your careers. I hope that whatever your career structure that's in making your way up the leadership ladder, we may well cross again in the future and we can all share some of those experiences and what it's done for you ?"

" And how your attitudes have changed and where it led you ? That will be really nice and I hope that it will happen through more in EPLD conferences. I'll wait with interest how well you do ! But above all we couldn't be here, to be honest, given inspite of support and sponsors. If you as a group have not risen to the challenges you were offered, and for that, all of us are extremely grateful and wish you well in the future, .....Thank you ! "


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