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Parliamentary Addresses

Address from the Throne delivered by The King, or His Representative at the Opening and Closing of Parliament sessions since 2008.


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  • - 28 May 2009: Opening Address from the Throne (His Majesty King George TupouV)


  • - 6 November 2008: Closing Address by The Princess Regent, HRH Princess Salote Mafile'o Pilolevu Tuita

28 May 2009: His Majesty's Parliamentary Opening Address

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28 May, 2009

Hon  Speaker,

Hon  Representatives  of  the  Nobles, Hon  Ministers  of  the  Crown, and

Representatives  of  the  People .

This  year  we  welcome  the  commissioning  of  the  Japanese  Embassy, which  marks  an  important  milestone  in  the  development  of  our  close  and  supportive relations  between  our  two  countries.

The  global  financial  crisis  of  the  past  12  months  has  resulted  in  the  worst  recession since  the  Great  Depression  of  the  1930s. Our economy  has  been  affected, but, fortunately, we  have  avoided  the  worst  of  this  recession. In  fact  our  economy  has  achieved  positive  growth, alt

hough  at  a  rate  lower  than  that  projected  in  last  year's  budget. Following  on  from  a  surplus  for  the  2007/08  fiscal  year, despite  the  decline  in  revenue  as  a  result  of  the  global  economic  crisis, Government  has  been  able  to  repeat  a  fiscal  surplus  in  2008/09  through  its  prudent  management  of  expenditure.

Government  has  been  able  to  deliver  the  necessary  services  to  the  people  over  the  past  year, especially  in  education  and  health. The new  initiative  of  establishing  a  national  emergency  fund  was  achieved, with  an  initial  amount  of  $15  million, and  the  plan  is  to  build  up  this  fund  to  $75  million  over  the  next  10  years, signaling  to  our  development  partners  of  our  desire  to  help  ourselves  whenever  we  can. Foreign  reserves  have  been  maintained  throughout  the  year  at  acceptable  levels  of  more  than  the  equivalent  of  5  months  of  import  cover.

Adopting  a  2009/2010  budget  based  around  a  fiscal  stimulus  package  would  be  the  more  appropriate  approach  to  follow  in  order  to  mitigate  the  impact  of  the  global  financial  crisis  and  to  continue  to  grow  the  economy. The strategy for achieving  this  consists  of:

a) maintaining current  expenditure  at  the  present  levels;  and

b) significantly  increasing  investment  in  infrastructure  and  the  productive  sectors  in  order  to  create  jobs  and  increase  output, which  investment  will  be  funded  from  our  own  funds, Asian  Development  Bank  and  other  donor  grants, and  concessionary  loans  from  the  People's  Republic  of  China.

Establishment  of  the  Nuku'alofa  Town  Council, through  appropriate  legislation, planning  and  provisions, will  be  a  priority  task  of  Government  over  the  next  two  years. Safety  of  life  and  property  of  residents  and  businesses  will  be  paramount.

To  ensure  that  our  people  in  the  Niuas  are  able  to  share  in  the  benefits  of  development, a  special  budgetary  provision  of  $1  million  for  infrastructural  works  is  made  in  the  forthcoming  2009/2010  budget.

Technical  and  vocational  training  is  given  particular  consideration  in  the  budget  - through  the  provision  of  grants  totaling  $1  million  to  government - approved  courses  at  approved  non- government  training  institutions.

Hon  Speaker, on  the  Political  Front, We  are  all  committed  to  the  continuation  of  the  ongoing  political  reform  process. Among  the  major  reforms  shall  be  the  appointment  of  a  Prime  Minister  nominated  by  the  House  from  among  the  elected  members, and  the  devolution  of  the  executive  powers  of  Privy  Council  to  the  elected  Cabinet.

The  Constitutional  and  Electoral  Commission  will  soon  submit  their  Report  to  the  House. There  is  ample  time  over  the  next  two  parliamentary  sessions  for  your   deliberation  on  the  political  reforms. The  objectives  of  these  reforms  are  the  welfare  of  the  people  and  protection  of  their  rights.

We  are  indeed  blessedly  grateful  and  proud  that  ours  is  an  ancient  and  mature  nation, and  that  the  roadmap  to  guide  our  deliberation  had  been  chartered  from  the  nineteenth  century  by  the  Chiefs  who  framed  our  Constitution.  By  reason  of  this, it  is  critically  important  that  the  reforms  are  clearly  understood  and  peacefully  arrived  at. These  our  hopes  can  only  be  realized  if  there  is  a  spirit  of  cooperation, and  mutual  understanding  and  respect.

In  commending  you, Hon  Speaker, to  the  care  of  Almighty  God, We  wish  to reassure  you  of  the  support  of  Government  in  your  difficult  task  of  guiding  the  deliberations  of  the  House  and  preserving  its  dignity.

HIS MAJESTY  KING  GEORGE  V                                                   28  May  2009

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