Vacant Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tonga Health

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Overview of TongaHealth

The Tonga Health Promotion Foundation Act 2007 (the Act) establishes Tonga Health Promotion Foundation (TongaHealth) as an independent body that is accountable to the Legislative Assembly of Tonga and responsible for administering the Tonga Health Promotion Fund in accordance with the Act.  A five-member Board is responsible for the governance of TongaHealth, on behalf of the Minister of Health.

The aim of TongaHealth is to reduce harm from non-communicable diseases through the promotion of healthy environments and healthy behaviours and the reduction of risk factors. Specifically TongaHealth aims to reduce the burden of preventable cardio-vascular disease, diabetes and smoking-related illnesses.

TongaHealth will work inter-sectorally in partnership with the Ministry of Health, other government departments, the World Health Organisation in-country office and other partners.



Key Objectives of the Position

The CEO is accountable to the Board for ensuring that the purposes, goals and objectives of TongaHealth are met, within the strategy, policies, values and delegations of the Board.

The CEO is responsible to the Board for all operations of TongaHealth.

Job Focus

The focus of this position is the leadership of TongaHealth and the external advocacy of its health promotion strategies.

The position requires a high level of credibility and energy, focused on relationship building, advocacy and partnering.

Selection Criteria

The knowledge and skills required are:

-       Professional qualification, preferably at post-graduate level, relevant to public health and/or health promotion, or in a related discipline

-       Extensive experience; at least 5 years experience at senior executive leadership level in either government or non-government sectors, including strategic planning and team leadership skills

-       High level financial management knowledge, skills and experience

-       Significant skills in policy development, advocacy, communication and governance

-       Demonstrated ability to maintain program focus, attain specified targets and work within budgets

-       Proven administrative and organisational skills


Key Result Areas



Major Tasks

1. Health promotion investments

Ensures the most equitable and strategic placement of available funds to achieve the mission of TongaHealth by:

    • leading strategic thinking and direction-setting
    • ensuring the continual development of clear and attainable goals and objectives
    • planning, implementing and monitoring TongaHealth’s business plan, including grant-making and evaluation processes
    • working effectively with the Board on key policies and decisions
    • informing resourcing and providing input to the Board on:
      • issues and developments that impact on strategic focus or current policy
      • organisational activities: highlights, significant changes and/or exceptional events
      • incidents that may have real or potential consequences for TongaHealth

2. Operational direction and capability, performance and teamwork of staff

Ensures effective leadership and direction of the daily operations and workload of TongaHealth by:

    • recruiting, selecting and inducting paid staff and volunteers (if any)
    • ensuring staff are developed, empowered and focused to work as an effective team to the best of their ability by
      • clarifying job accountabilities and objectives
      • specifying performance measures and administering effective performance management approaches
      • building a responsive and flexible culture
      • leading by example in the modeling of organisation values
    • coordinating and monitoring service delivery and workloads
    • stimulating activity to efficiently grant and administer funds

3. Promotion, advocacy and relationship management

Ensures TongaHealth maintains a leadership position in Tonga, with the continuing goodwill and support of all stakeholders critical to TongaHealth’s future success, and an international reputation in health promotion by:

sustaining and growing funding streams

    • developing TongaHealth’s innovative thinking capacity and facilitating ideas
    • conducting research, gathering evidence, sharing knowledge
    • advocating policy positions and strategic change in the community
    • developing networks and partnerships with relevant organisations and stakeholders to ensure continuing goodwill and support by:
      • personal relationship building with key players
      • strategic capacity building with partners
      • sharing knowledge and learning
      • maintaining an open, inclusive and responsive approach to external parties
    • acting as TongaHealth’s spokesperson as necessary


Financial management, service and support

Ensures the delivery of effective service and support functions, in particular, finance, administration, human resources management, marketing, communications, information technology etc including by:

    • developing and monitoring an annual budget to support and implement operational plans
    • developing relationships with new sources of funding and/or in-kind resources
    • directing all expenditure within approved budgets and discretionary variances
    • ensuring collection of statistics required by funding bodies and sponsoring bodies
    • preparing submissions for funding applications
    • ensuring effective liaison and networking with government and other funding bodies
    • reporting monthly and annually to the Board on financial performance and financial position
    • ensuring that accounting, payroll and banking functions are operating effectively
    • ensuring that cash and investments are managed effectively
    • ensuring that effective information systems and technical support are in place
    • ensuring the maintenance and security of all buildings, equipment, vehicles and other assets
    • ensuring that effective administrative support systems are in place

5. Corporate governance, compliance and ethics

Ensures that TongaHealth meets all statutory requirements, duties of care and Board directives safeguarding TongaHealth’s reputation and image by:

    • ensuring compliance with government requirements and requirements of funding bodies
    • encouraging appropriate and ethical behaviour
    • setting an exemplary personal standard
    • supporting TongaHealth’s governance processes and working effectively with the Board and sub-committees (if any) on key policies and decisions
    • ensuring that significant risks are identified and managed



Remuneration for this position will be as follows;

The salary range will be between TOP 46,200 - 80,640, with the entry point on the scale dependent   on qualification and experience. Other benefits will be available.


All interested applicants are requested to send applications (including CV, academic achievements and two referees) no later than close of business on 4:30pm Friday 15 December 2017.


either by:

P.O.Box 59



      1. Deliver it to our main office next to the Ministry of Health's office at Vaiola, Tofoa

All enquiries can be directed to the above email address.

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