Privy Council approves RCI into Allegation of Government interference with Judiciary

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5 August 2010. Press Release.  Privy Council approves establishment of Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into Reports that Government has attempted unduly to influence the independence of the Judiciary.

The Privy Council on 30 July approved the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry, under the Royal Commissions Act (Cap. 41), "with the specific mandate to enquire into reports that Government has attempted unduly to influence the independence of the Judiciary".

Allegations of Government interference with the Judiciary surfaced during the former Attorney General's resignation in April and re-surfaced with the recent repeal of the Judicial Services Commission Act and the establishment of the Office of the Lord Chancellor. As the recruitment process for some judicial posts are in progress, the Privy Council considered it important that the Royal Commission's work be undertaken immediately.

In deciding to establish this Royal Commission of Inquiry, the Privy Council was keen to reassert that it would not tolerate any interference with the judiciary and that it will protect at all times its integrity and independence.

The Privy Council in its decision also directed the Judicial Committee of Privy Council to draw up the Letters Patent establishing the Royal Commission of Inquiry.


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