New Extensions to the Royal Palace

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12 May 2010

The Lord Chamberlain is commanded to announce the new extensions to be made to the Royal Palace in Nuku'alofa. The extensions will consist of two new wings, one on each side of the existing Royal Palace. The Palace will be maintained in order to accommodate all the official functions of the Monarchy while separating it from His Majesty's private residence.

The Palace will continue to be used for Official Audiences and traditional Tongan Ceremonies as has been the custom in the past, and the Old Privy Council Chambers will revert to its traditional function as the venue at which the King shall receive the Privy Councilors thus leaving the Cabinet Chambers free for exclusive use by the new democratically elected Government.

The Palace extensions will house Committee Rooms for the Privy Council Committees, the Lord Privy Seal's Department; the Central Registry and its Research Bureau which shall be the issuing authority for the new identity Cards. The Royal Household Departments: Office of the Lord Chamberlain, Master of the Royal Household and, the Private Secretary's Office. The old Office of Palace Records formerly presided over by the National Archives and shall be presided over by a new appointment of Chief Archivist and his staff. The former Tonga Traditions Committee, first authorized by the Late Queen Salote, shall continue to function in its former role but with the added responsibility of maintaining the extensive genealogical records and data collected over the last decades.

New procedures for applying for access to archival material will be instituted to provide greater efficiency and convenience to bona fide scholars and researchers while preserving these valuable documents and artifacts for the future.

Preparations for the new extensions will begin immediately with construction commencing as soon as building approvals have been completed.


Issued by the: Office of the Lord Chamberlain, Palace Office, Nuku'alofa.

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