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This section outlines official Press and Media Statements issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications in addition to Press Releases from the Prime Minister's Office and other Government Ministries and Departments.

New Petroleum Prices for April – May 2017

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13th April 2017 The Ministry of Commerce, Consumer, Trade, Innovation & Labour wishes to advise that the Tonga Competent Authority (TCA) has approved the new petroleum prices for April-May 2017 to be effective from Tuesday 18th April 2017.

All products prices are decreasing for this month, a pleasing result for all Consumers. Wholesale Kerosene and diesel will decrease by 5.83 seniti/litre and 4.59 seniti/litre respectively, while petrol recorded the largest drop by 7.59 seniti/litre. Retail prices of products for Tongatapu are as follow. The retail price for petrol is 248.67 seniti/litre, Diesel 246.46 seniti/litre and Kerosene 167.03 seniti/litre. All price changes include consumption tax.

The changes in the prices for April – May 2017 are attributed to the following reasons:

  • Crude oil prices fell nearly USD3.50/bbl in March with rising stocks particularly in US and China, along with the impact of regional refinery maintenance depressing prices. Dated Brent averaged USD 51.56/bbl or about 6.4 percent lower than February.
  • Product prices fell more than crude during March. Comparing the March month average prices with February, crude oil (Dated Brent) is down by USD 3.55/bbl (6.4%). Petrol was down by USD 5.63/bbl, jet by USD 4.34/bbl and diesel by USD 3.82/bbl. Product prices fell more than crude due to plentiful products supply from refineries. Weak jet/kerosene prices, which are trading at a discount to diesel, is enabling refiners to blend jet with 10ppm diesel to make a cheaper higher sulphur grade.
  • The freight rate and Tongan Pa’anga have been steady, so as a result the large drop in product prices will flow through to reduce local prices.

For further information please contact the Ministry of Commerce, Consumer, Trade, Innovation & Labour at telephone 23688 ext 130

Ministry of Commerce, Consumer, Trade, Innovation & Labour 13th April 2017


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