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Your Health is in your hands!

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08th June 2016 46% of men and 13% of women in Tonga smoke. These rates are among the highest in the world. It’s estimated that harm caused by Tobacco kills one person every week in Tonga. (source: W.H.O./Tongan Ministry of Health , STEPS report and www.TobaccoAtlas.org))

Tobacco is also the leading cause of preventable death worldwide. It kills half of all long-term smokers. Yes, all these deaths and serious effects of Tobacco consumption can be avoided and eliminated from our daily life, should we wish to…

There are laws in place in the Kingdom of Tonga, to protect the people against this completely avoidable health hazard. In continuation to our special series on the “Tuku ifi Leva” campaign, we have two very significant authorities with us tonight on Tonga Mo’ui Lelei – Dr. Ofa Sanft Tukia from the  NCD-Health promotion Unit of the Ministry of Health and James Lutui, Senior Crown Counsel, from the Attorney General’s office. Get more aware and educated about your rights and duties as citizens on the issue of public as well as private smoking. You can be the change you wish to see.

The campaign “Tuku ifi Leva” (Quit Smoking Now) is a national health promotion campaign highlighting the dangers of Tobacco use and second-hand smoke. This campaign is an initiative of the Ministry of Health, supported and funded by the Government of Tonga, Government of Australia, World Health Organization and TongaHealth. TongaHealth is also funding and coordinating the Monitoring and Evaluation for this campaign. This funding is part of the five year, A$2.1 million dollar (T$3.2 million) agreement, between TongaHealth and the Government of Australia to support the implementation of Tonga’s National NCD Strategy 2015 – 2020.

Tonight Thursday the 9th of June 2016

7:30pm On TV Tonga 1

Tonga Mo’ui lelei! Mo’ui Lelei, Mo’ui Fiefia!


Issued by: Tonga Health

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