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First Ever Investment Profiling Workshop in the Kingdom of Tonga

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24 July 2014 The Road to Investment Workshop was the first Investment Profiling Workshop to be held in the Kingdom of Tonga, at the Basillica conference room on the 22nd of July, 2014. The ‘Investment Profiling Workshop’ aimed to educate participants on how to better package and promote the investment opportunities in Tonga to potential foreign investors.

The workshop was organised by the Ministry in collaboration with the Pacific Islands Trade and Investment (PT & I) Auckland and in Beijing. Over sixty participants from the private and public enterprises attended the workshop. Majority of the participants were existing investors primarily in the manufacturing, agricultural, fisheries and the tourism sectors.

Key areas covered during the workshop included the leading practices and requirements for internal investment policies and frameworks, the types of due diligences for an investment propositions including strategic, financial, risk and legal factors from an investor’s perspective.

Issues raised at the workshops included the failure for investment to remain sustainable particularly in the fisheries and argricultural sectors where overfishing and exploiting natural resources occur. Tourism sector were also brought up as one of the leading sectors for Tonga’s economy, hence the need for a more consolidated approach to provide an attractive package for potential investors to invest in the tourism sector in Tonga.

The participants also raised the importance of being able to develop a sound and a strategic business plan and proposals to assist them with presenting a firm business case when seeking for a foreign investment to partner up with their businesses or for financial assistance from the banks.

“This is the first ever workshop on Investment promotion and profiling that I attended in Tonga, and I am so fortunate to hear directly from this team of Investment experts from New Zealand and China, on how I can better package my business and products to present to potential Foreign Investors and was also interested to hear on how investors thinks” said Mr. Siaosi Tonga, the Director for the Pasifika Technology Ltd.

The team of six was lead by the Acting Trade Commissioner and Head of Investments for PIT & I Office in Auckland, Mr. Manuel Valdez and Ms. Louisa Sifakula, Deputy Commissioner for PT & I Office in Beijing will be in the country for the next few days making site visits to a number of local businesses in order to better understand each business environment in Tonga and how the team will better assist to develop a sound investment proposals for the local businesses in Tonga.

Mr. Manuel Valdez also announced during the workshop an investment grant assistance to be offered by the PT&I Offices to Tonga, to assist the local businesses particularly in the areas of developing of a sound business plan and investment proposals. “PT&I is providing this assistance to the businesses in Tonga who are in need of technical assistance and external expertise to assist with developing of their business plan and proposals when presenting their cases to the banks, the investors and donor partners” said Mr. Manuel Valdez.

“The Road to Investment Workshop is an eye opener for both government and private sectors in Tonga on the need for more efforts from both sides to attract more investors and foreign direct investment into Tonga, and as such we’re planning of holding of more follow up investment facilitations workshops and symposiums in this new Financial Year.” said Mrs. Vaimoana Taukolo, the CEO for Ministry of

The team is also accompanied by the Tonga’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, H.E Siamelie Latu and are scheduled to depart Tonga by the end of the week.



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