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Tonga hosts workshop on cybercrime reporting and justice statistics on cybercrime

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07th July, 2017 More than 20 participants from Government Ministries, Telecom Industries and Financial Sectors (Banks) participated in a one-day workshop on cybercrime reporting systems and collection, monitoring justice statistics on cybercrime and electronic evidence.

Hosted by the Tonga Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) under MEIDECC, the workshop was opened by the Head of Cybercrime Division, Council of Europe, and Mr. Alexander Seger yesterday morning at Fa’onelua Convention Centre.

In his key remarks Mr. Seger stated that the People of Tonga need to be able to report cybercrime in an easy manner.

“A better understanding of cybercrime and cyber security threats is required. Without such knowledge it is impossible to make policy decisions, take the necessary criminal justice measures and improve cyber security.  An online resource for reporting, advice, tools, materials and if necessary – referral to relevant organization could be a starting point.”

The workshop covered the following issues.

  • To discuss international best practices to report and record cybercrime and cyber-enabled crime cases, as also compared to the national practices;
  • Identify the current issues and the potential role of the Tonga National CERT in the collection of reliable statistics and in their use to monitor the performance of criminal justice capacities regarding cybercrime and electronic evidence
  • Advice on a methodology and a roadmap of in-country activities related to the subject

He also told the gathering that it is important for Tonga to have a legislation to be completed as soon as possible, to build up capacities within Police, build up capacities in the prosecution and judiciary, further strengthening of the CERT‘s forensic capabilities and to improve public and private cooperation.

Mr. Seger also mentioned the benefits that Tonga will have in joining the Budapest Convention.  He said that Cybercrime knows no borders. Physical distance or size is not relevant. What is relevant is that with the use of internet, computers, mobiles, tablets the risk of cybercrime is there.  You can’t just sit and hope it will pass like a storm that you cannot control.

“Budapest Convention is part of the answer. As the 55th Party Tonga will continue to benefit from capacity building activities in the coming years, such as those under the GLACY+ Project. The voice of Tonga will be heard, so far the only voice in the Pacific region.”

Director of CERT Mr. Siosaia Vaipuna expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Government of Tonga and the Deputy Prime Minister to the Council of Europe for their numerous capability and capacity building initiatives that resulted in Tonga becoming the 55th party to the Budapest Convention.

Present at the workshop were, the Chairman of the New Zealand Internet Taskforce Mr. Barry Brailey, Expert from Sri Lanka CERT Mr. Roshan Chandraguptha, Cyber Legislation Expert from the Council of Europe Ms. Catherine Smith.


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