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Passenger Service Charge for Domestic Passengers

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14th June 2017 Tonga Airports Limited (TAL) is the sole airport operator in the Kingdom and a wholly owned public enterprise of the government of Tonga. TAL wishes to correct recent statements that a fee is paid to the local airport authority on every domestic air ticket sold.

TAL has not imposed an airport charge separately for REAL Tonga’s domestic services. TAL imposes airport charges on users of airport services pursuant to the Civil Aviation (Airport Charges) Regulations 2008 which states the requirements for imposing airport charges. Such requirements include a description of the service related to the proposed airport charge, details of the proposed charge for the service, public and aviation industry consultation, consistency with International Civil Aviation Organisation guidelines and requires Ministerial approval. TAL’s current airport charges were approved by the responsible Minister in 2008 following compliance with regulatory requirements. These charges are enshrined in the TAL Conditions of Use. The airport operator, TAL, holds the authority to impose an airport charge.


Issued by Tonga Airport Limited (TAL)



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