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Workshop underway to develop a JNAP II Results Framework

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21st April 2017 More than 20 participants from line ministries, NGOs, private sectors and members of the Joint National Action Plan (JNAP) Taskforce gathered at the FWC Moulton Hall to develop a framework of JNAP II this morning.

JNAP was established to improve good governance for the effective management, coordination, implementation and financing of climate change adaptation and disaster risk initiatives in Tonga.

Climate Change Finance Officer Mr. Talo Fulivai said the workshop aims to look at the activities that JNAP will be implementing this year until 2027.

“The objective of the workshop is to look at the activities that we are doing on JNAP and these activities are designed to be implemented hopefully from  the duration of this year till 2027. Relevant stakeholders are needed to prioritize  with the JNAP taskforce what activities are needed to be implemented.

“So our job is to guide them on necessary activities to make sure they cover all areas in Tonga when it comes to climate change disaster” He said.

Fulivai also said, prior to 2010 Climate Change and Disaster worked in two different areas and with very small human resources.

“But a lot of work that Climate Change and Disaster has implemented are very similar, so the concept behind emerging these two is to utilize the human resources and implementing similar activities,” he said.

He also noted that Tonga was one of the first countries in the Pacific to implement JNAP in 2010. In 2015 JNAP I was completed so Tonga is now developing JNAP II.

“This project is critical. It  sets the margin of how all our projects will be implemented through the JNAP,” Fulivai added.

A consultant from New Zealand with expertise in Climate Change, Disaster and developing plans is present in the workshop to help relevant stakeholders in developing the JNAP II Results Framework.

JNAP II is funded by the EU- GIZ ACSE Project.


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