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Reconstruction and Rennovation of schools in Ha'apai Begins

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24 April 2015 TONGAN On Wednesday 22 April 2015, contract for reconstruction and renovation of the Government Primary Schools in the isalands of Mo'unga'one, Ha'ano, Lofanga and 'Uiha were signed betweeen Ministry of Infrastructure (MOI) and the three selected contractors.
Funding of this project is under the CYclone Ian REcovery Project (CIRP) nad jointly financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of New Zealand (GONZ). THis project supports the reconstruction, renovation, and climate- and disaster proofing of schools that were damaged in Ha'apai by Cyclone Ian. THe reconstruction will include:

(i) constructing improved building structures (classrooms and staff quarters);
(ii) providing appropriate water and sanitation facilities for schools; and
(iii) installing necessary fixtures and furniture, such as blackboards, desk, and chairs.

At the same time the MOI and MET will be working closely with the financiers (ADB) and GONZ to finalize the contracts for the remaining schools before end of May 2015. It is expected that works on all schools will be completed before the end of the 2015 school year.

The other components of work financed by the Cyclone Ian Recovery Project include:

(i) Reconstruction and climate proofing of the main electricity network in Ha'apai. Works under this component are progressing well under supervision of Tonga Power Limited.

(ii) Removal of all abestos materials from buildings in Ha'apai and carting and disposing them properly at Tapuhia landfill in Tongatapu. This exercise has been fully completed jointly with assistance from the World Bank.


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