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When Methods Changed, Outcomes Changed.

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23 April 2015 “In any aspects, if there’s a change in ways, there will be a change in results”. That was an important thought that has been kept with the Ministry of Infrastructure (MOI) when serving the people and the Government.

As the Ministry began to work together with their new Minister Hon. ‘Etuate Sungalu Lavulavu, it was obvious to recognize the progressing of their services compared to the previous Government party few years ago. When these changes of methods came about, changes of results revealed.

For instance, at the Transport Division where Makasini Latu is taking care of, it evidently showed a huge different on the result of their services in the first three months of this year (2015) compared to the first three months of last year (2014). The total revenue collected from Tongatapu only (January, February, March) of 2014 on driver licensing, vehicle licensing, vehicle registration and so forth was $893,486.75 Pa’anga. The total revenue collected from Tongatapu only (January, February, March) of this year 2015 on driver licensing, vehicle licensing, vehicle registration and so forth was $956,842.00 Pa’anga. The difference between these two years was a total of $63355.75 Pa’anga. This is a massive difference occurred.

Based on the information Makasini Latu has given, he says, “There were changes made on their ways of service”. These changes include the striving of the Ministry to work together with the Police Department as to enforce this area in order for the public to make their payments accurate. Not only that, but being provided with good and quality office resources, the Ministry was then able to give out better and fast services for the people. A well trained of staff was also one of those changes, which does inspired and motivated the people to feel welcome at anytime at the office so that they may come with their payments on time. As these changes of ways made by the Minister Hon. ‘Etuate Sungalu Lavulavu and his Ministry have come about, changes of result accelerates compared to the previous years.

As we talk about the improving of services to the people from the Ministry, we say that the work being done was outstanding. The Minister Hon. ‘Etuate Sungalu Lavulavu have said. “When I start working on this profession, there were 395 complaining placed at my office about the damages done by Cyclone Ian, but then as of now there are less than 75 complains left to be addressed”. It was a very short period of time yet the Honourable Minister has done a gigantic and quick service regarding these matters. Not only that, but there were other changes taken place as well as additions to the Ministry’s system such as the “Employee of the Month Award” with a purpose of motivating and recognizing of staff’s performances in the Ministry. There are also other awards available in the near future such as the “Minister Award”, “Prime Minister Award” and many more.

Overall, the Honourable Minister has given his best to improve their performances and services as well as of all Divisions in his Ministry to provide better service for the people, and to gain better outcome in return. As methods changed, outcomes changed.


Issued by the : Ministry of Infrastructure

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