Cost of Energy Prohibitive to People’s Livelihood and Doing Business In Tonga

Thursday, 30 May 2013 17:40
30 May 2013 Tonga's Prime Minister Lord Tu'ivakano addressed the 2013 Asian and Pacific Business Forum in Vladivostoc, Russia on Wednesday 29 May 2013, the first time ever that the UN convenes the Asia-Pacific Ministerial Energy Forum.  Lord Tu'ivakano emphasized to the Forum the importance of energy costs to the people of Tonga and every businesses, which impinges their daily livelihood and costs of doing business, and at times can be prohibitive.

It presents a key challenge for Government to find solutions to ensure that the people of Tonga have the confidence that they are paying a fair price for the energy they use such as electricity, pump prices for petroleum, and that consumers receive a fair service from its suppliers.

2.       Prime Minister also stated that ‘if Government does not deal with its energy challenges today, Tonga does not have a sustainable socio-economic future and highlighted the UN Secretary General's Initiative for Sustainable Energy for All' provides the framework for Tonga including its neighbouring Pacific island states to link to its national policy actions such as Tonga's Energy Road Map (TERM).  The Prime Minister further welcomed the Ministerial Forum as a platform to seek greater support with broadened stakeholder involvement.  The role of investment in energy security was noted critical to involve the private sector. The views from the business Forum were considered indispensable and also provided the opportunity for Russian Investors.

3.       Lord Tu'ivakano pointed out his concern with the UN ESCAP published Statistical Perspectives on ‘Focus Areas for Realizing Enhanced Energy Security 2013' that something must be done to the lack of representative data on the ten (10) Pacific developing country members other than its two ‘developed' member countries of Australia and New Zealand.

4.       The Business Forum was an important side event of the Asia-Pacific Ministers' Energy Forum, 27-30 May 2013 attended by around 100-150 senior officials from government, including ministers, CEOs and representatives from energy companies and other leading Asian and Pacific companies interested in sustainable energy use.


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