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Celebrating 2010 Pasifiki Trade Fair - back in the plus

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23 October 2010

Pasifiki Trade Fair is the time when every business large and small, gathers together to showcase their products and services, thus creating an atmosphere of togetherness in selling and buying, promoting or supporting one's business. It also aims to provide an opportunity to network, market and to assist businesses within the Kingdom and beyond.

This year, the Hon. Afu'alo Matoto, Minister for Finance and National Planning, officially declared the 3-day (21-23 October, 2010) Trade Fair open, which was broadcasted live on Radio Tonga 2 Cool 90 FM, followed by the judges browsing and inspecting the booths for the competitions. This year's Trade fair, with theme "Niu Trade: Back in the plus" was later opened at 11am to the public, with 5,000 visitors expected to attend.

The President of Tonga's Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Paula Taumoepeau, welcomed the Hon. Minister and the High Commissioners and Ambassadors to Australia, New Zealand and Japan who were amongst the distinguished guests present at the Fair.

The Trade fair serves to create an environment that facilitates the promotion of products and services available in Tongan and abroad, at the same time to develop and promote an understanding of trade, investment, tourism and technology trends throughout the Pacific region.  It is also aimed at encouraging and establishes networks among agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing, tourism operators, distributive traders, construction and financial institutions and other service organizations including transportation and communications within Tonga and the Pacific Region.

Booth displays competitions  was one way to promote these objectives, and this year, the Booth awards were awarded at the end of every evening of the Trade Fair, with the first prize of return ticket to New Zealand including other prizes of fine wines and beverages.

Admission to the Queen Salote Memorial Hall costs $1, while media and buyers/suppliers from abroad were being issued special pass and IDs.

This year, there was a special door prize for visitors, who upon payment of the $1 entrance fee, their names went into a draw, where the lucky winner is to win a lovely pearl necklace worth $300, sponsored by the Manihiki Pearls company.

Raffle is also a big part of the Trade Fair, and this year, tickets began selling at 11am every morning of the 3-day fair, at only $2, where the prize includes a return ticket to Australia sponsored by Pacific Blue.

During the Trade fair, special promotions were being carried out by Spare Parts Zone who have 6 booths at the fair, gave out specials where one can get an extra can of Coke for every purchase of $30 or more. Spare Parts Zone also gave out discount vouchers and free T-shirts for every customer's $100 spending.

Other highlights were Homegas Tonga and Nishi Trading who also gave out promotional goods at the fair entrances, while Leiola Shop set up a bamboo mini-bar with free giveaways on the first day of the Trade Fair.

Another key feature and popular stop-by for every customer visiting the Trade Fair is the food courts. This year, a special food court area with tables and chairs were set up by vendors Leiola, Melie mei Langi, Cottage Breeze and Tupu'anga Coffee, who provided a delight to visitors and suppliers alike.

The success of this year's Pasifiki Trade Fair is owed to a number of Sponsors who made the events possible includes the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organization, Tonga Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Ministry of Labour, Commerce & Industry, New Zealand High Commission, Pacific Blue, ASCO Motors, Office Equipment, AIS St. Helen's, JR Print, Ethnic Communications, Tonga Development Bank, Molisi, The Bottle Shop, TBC and Education USA.

The Pasifiki Trade Fair is a joint collaboration between the Ministry of Labour, Commerce and Industries and the Tonga Chamber of Commerce which began in 2000 to promote local business and foster greater trade relations.


Issued by the: Ministry of Information and Communications, Nuku'alofa, 2010

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