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Second Report on Tonga’s National Millennium Development Goals now available

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19 January 2011. The Government of Tonga is proud to witness the launch of its second National Millennium Development Goal (MDGs) Report, as officiated today by the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Samiu Kuita Vaipulu, the Minister for Justice, Transports and Works,

The report details the status of progress under the MDG framework as revised in 2008 by the United Nations. The success of the report is owed to the broad consultative and participatory process which included the Government of Tonga, civil society organizations, the private sector, donors and partners and the United Nations agencies. This was produced under the coordination of the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister's Office.

As highlighted by the new Minister for Finance and National Planning, Hon. Sunia Manu Fili, "The first report was published in 2005 and year 2010 was an important year for Tonga's socio-economic development with the introduction of the historical constitutional and electoral reforms under a new system of governance."

"It is always hard to help communities build a better future, but I know that progress is possible," encouraged the Hon. Sunia Fili.

The Deputy Prime Minister in his opening statement highlighted the successful milestones evident from the completion of this second report.

"The launch of the second Report highlights the success of the implementation of the 2009/10-2011/12 National Strategic Planning Framework, the Government Ministries Corporate Plans and the Ha'apai Master Plan."

This second report provides a comprehensive review of MDG progress which will help renew and revitalize efforts to achieve the goals in Tonga and contribute to the development of national strategies and plans to promote a model of socio-economic development that is both equitable and sustainable.


In 2000, 189 nations committed themselves to achieving substantial progress in basic areas of human development through the realization of eight overarching Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  This engagement would form the backbone of poverty alleviation, and pave the way for a better future for people all over the world.

The eight goals are time-bound, quantitative targets that aim for results by year 2015.  The MDGs include: eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education, promoting gender equality and empowering women, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, ensuring environmental sustainability, and developing a global partnership for development.

The Kingdom of Tonga is a signatory to the 2000 Millennium Declaration, the fundamental charter that unites nations on the MDGs. Tonga produced its first MDG status report in 2005, in order to provide, public information and the impetus for social mobilization necessary for the attainment of the MDGs.

The eight MDGs goals are:

1.      Goal 1 -  1 Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

2.      Goal 2 - Achieve Universal Basic Education

3.      Goal 3 - Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

4.      Goal 4 -  Reduce Child Mortality

5.      Goal 5 -  Improve Maternal Health

6.      Goal 6 - Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases

7.      Goal 7 -  Ensure Environmental Sustainability

8.      Goal 8 -  Develop a Global Partnership for Development

The launch ceremony were attended by distinguished  Cabinet Ministers, the Speaker of the House, Parliamentarians, Heads of Departments, members of the diplomatic missions, members of the Non-Government Organizations and Civil societies as well as Government officials from the Health, Education, Environment, Finance and other private sector businesses.


Issued by the: Ministry of Information and Communications, Nuku'alofa, 2011.

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