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Pacific food security key issue at FAO sub-regional meeting in Tonga

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04 April, 2011. The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) will launch its 9th South West Pacific Ministers of Agriculture Meeting on 5 April in the Kingdom of Tonga, with food security and volatile food prices as key issues of discussion.

Tonga is chairing the major summit on 5 - 7 April at the Puataukanave Hotel in Vava'u, under the theme: "Sustainable agriculture and food security in the Pacific Islands: Emphasising the linkages between the economic, social and environmental dimensions."

Part of the talks will focus on the transfer of high global food prices to Pacific countries.

According to a statement from the FAO, price hikes are still a major threat to food security for the poor, although there is no indication of a world food crisis at hand.

Participants will discuss the cause and impacts of high global price transfers, and appropriate policy actions to take.

Ministerial-level officials from 15 South West Pacific countries are expected to attend, along with representatives from international and regional development partners in the South West Pacific region.

FAO Director General Dr Jacques Diouf will address the audience at the opening ceremony.

Other important agenda items include improved plant protection and bio-security; sustainable diets and agriculture; climate change adaptation, bio-energy and organic agriculture; prospects for Pacific aquaculture; sustainable methods for improving Pacific forestry development; and discussions on the Food Security and Sustainable Livelihood Programme (FSSLP) Project for the Pacific Islands.

This week's conference was organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Forests and Fisheries, in collaboration with the FAO Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defence, the Prime Minister's Office, Office of the Governor in Vava'u and other relevant Ministries.


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