Administration Assistant Finance – Tonga Health

Tuesday, 03 October 2017 14:41


Key Objectives of the Position

The Administration Assistant Finance (AAF) is responsible to the CEO with direct reporting to the Finance Manager, and contributes to the overall effectiveness and image of TongaHealth and its goal of an organizational culture of creativity and excellence. The key objectives of the position are:

  • to ensure the efficiency and integrity of TongaHeatlh’s operational management support systems, business processes, human resources, information systems and infrastructure support.
  • to support TongaHealth’s governance processes, compliance obligations and risk management.











Job Focus

The focus of this position is on ensuring that TongaHealth’s service and support systems are fully functional and appropriate for TongaHealth’s needs.

The position requires a range of technical, organizational and communication skills, governance principles, information systems and technology, human resource systems and office management.

Selection Criteria

Corporate perspective

  • A general interest in, and understanding of , the principles of health promotion and the role of TongaHealth.
  • Ability to support TongaHeatlh’s governance processes.

Qualifications and experience

  • At least 2 years experience as Accounts Officer in a small organization or a similar position requiring multiple skills.
  • Tertiary qualifications in accounting or business management are desirable.

Computing ability

  • Strong computer literacy and skills in the practical application of office software applications.
  • Ability to support the management of a small office network.

Administrative and organizational skills

  • Excellent planning and organizational skills
  • Ability to work with initiative and independence whilst at the same time working collaboratively and accountably.

Bookkeeping and financial skills

  • Ability to maintain financial accounts
  • A sound understanding and experience of bookkeeping is essential
  • Good understanding of accounting software, preferably MYOB


Key Result Areas

Performance Indicators

Financial Management

  1. supporting budget processes
  2. timely and accurate bookkeeping, financial reconciliations, journals, month end and year end procedures.
  3. ensuring that all financial transactions are accounted for in accordance with applicable accounting standards
  4. maintaining an appropriate Chart of Accounts to support TongaHealth’s business needs
  5. ensuring the integrity and back-up of the accounting and payroll systems
  6. generating internal and external financial reports as required
  7. undertaking banking as required
  8. supporting TongaHealth’s compliance obligations
  9. supports audit processes


  1. Budget prepared by 1st June each year
  2. All invoices paid on timely manner and no complaints by suppliers


  1. All invoices must be processed by 10th of the month.
  2. Bank reconciliations prepared by 10th of the month.


  1. Monthly Financial Reports prepared by 15th of the month.
  2. Consumption Tax refund return lodged by the 25th day after the end of the Quarter.


  1. Withholding Tax Refund application to be lodged by the 28th July each year.
  2. Audit completed by 31st October each year.

Office management

  1. monitoring office Occupational, Health & Safety (OH & S) procedures and insuring a healthy and safe work environment
  2. supporting staff training and development


1.No accidents in the workplace



Human resources

  1. payroll processing  -  Board member fees and staff salaries
  2. maintaining personnel records as directed by the CEO
  3. monitoring office OH & S procedures and ensuring a healthy and safe work environment



  1. Staff and board members paid on time
  2. Payroll records kept up to date
  3. PAYE and Retirement Board Payments made by 28th each month


Governance support

  1. maintain awareness of, and contributing to compliance with the requirements of the health Promotion Act.
  2. assisting with preparation of reports and accountability requirements


1. No complaints from Board members

Information management

  1. developing and maintaining a records management system, storage and archives
  2. supporting the development and maintenance of a grants database
  3. supporting the development and maintenance of TongaHealth’s website



  1. Computer backups done regularly.


  1. Accounting records kept in orderly manner.