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Police & Fire Services


  • Safer Communities


  • To be the leading police service in the Pacific, working in partnership to maintain law and order, keep the peace, prevent crime and road traumas, and enhance public safety.


  • Our values are fundamental to everything we do.
  • Doing what is right, just and honest
  • Upholding the rule of law and human rights
  • Loyalty to our King, our nation and the people
  • Being guardians of the community
  • Respecting and considering the opinions of others
  • Belonging to the people , the land and the nation



Hon. Mateni Tapueluelu  - Minister for Police & Fire Services and Minister for Revenue and Customs

Steven John Caldwell - Police Commissioner.

Lofia Heimuli - Fire Commissioner.


Address: Mauikisikisi Road, Longolongo , Nuku'alofa.
Tongatapu, TONGA.

Tel: +676 23233
Fax: +676 23226


Traffic offences remain high

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Tuesday 24th January 2012.

Crime Report for Period 16th - 22nd January 2012.

  • Total of 57 crimes registered under the Criminal Offences Act during the period 16 - 22/01/2012 compared to 67 in the previous week; a decrease of 10 crimes.
  • Out of the 57 crimes registered, 33 registered at Central Police Station (Nuku'alofa), 09 - Mu'a, 08 - Neiafu, Vava'u, 06 - Nukunuku and 01 - Vaini.
  • Most crimes reported was common assault with 18 offences, followed by 13 - thefts, 09 - housebreaking, 05 - conspiracy, 02 each use of disguise and bodily harm and other offences including attempt murder causing grievous bodily harm, unlawfully being on enclosed premises at night, obtain by false pretence and trespass.
  • Total of 39 offences registered under other Acts besides Criminal Offences Act, compared to 13 offences in the previous week.  Most offence registered were drunk in public place under Order in Public Places Act (Cap 37).
  • Regarding Traffic Act and Regulations, a total of 300 offences were registered compared to 326 offences reported the previous week.
  • Twenty (20) vehicle drivers (19 males and 01 female) were fined totaling T$10,600.00 at the Nuku'alofa Magistrates Court on 12 January 2012 for drunk driving during the Christmas and New Year police operation.  The fines ranged from T$1,000.00 and drivers license suspended for 6 months to T$300.00 fine to be paid instantly or 3 months imprisonment.  In total 6 fined T$300.00, 05 - T$500.00 04 - T$700.00, 02 - T$400.00, 01 each T$800.00, T$900.00 and T$1,000.00.
  • The four (04) male suspects that were charged on 16/01/2012 for conspiracy to commit armed robbery on 06/01/2012, appeared at the Nuku'alofa Magistrates Court yesterday 23/01/2012 with one suspect from Falevai living at Fangaloto charged with additional charges of attempted murder, causing bodily harm, unlawful possession and use of firearms and conspiracy to commit crime.

The four suspects continued remand in police custody to reappear at the Magistrates Court on Monday 30/01/2012.  Police investigations continues.  Mälö.


Issued by the: Ministry of Police, Fire Services & Prisons, January 2012. Authorized by:  T. Faletau, Acting Police Commissioner

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