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  • Safer Communities


  • To be the leading police service in the Pacific, working in partnership to maintain law and order, keep the peace, prevent crime and road traumas, and enhance public safety.


  • Our values are fundamental to everything we do.
  • Doing what is right, just and honest
  • Upholding the rule of law and human rights
  • Loyalty to our King, our nation and the people
  • Being guardians of the community
  • Respecting and considering the opinions of others
  • Belonging to the people , the land and the nation



Hon. Mateni Tapueluelu  - Minister for Police & Fire Services and Minister for Revenue and Customs

Steven John Caldwell - Police Commissioner.

Lofia Heimuli - Fire Commissioner.


Address: Mauikisikisi Road, Longolongo , Nuku'alofa.
Tongatapu, TONGA.

Tel: +676 23233
Fax: +676 23226


Police Commander addresses Tonga Police's 2009-2013 Plan

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20 November 2009

(Transcript of the Tonga Police Commander, Christopher Kerry in addressing the Tonga Police's 2009-2013 Strategic Plan)

Prime Minster, it is our privilege and pleasure to have your present here this morning to launch the Tonga Police Strategic Plan for 2009 - 2013.

This plan and current policing services demonstrate the acknowledgement and acceptance by Tonga Police of the need to redevelop strengthen and professionalize our services to the community.

Tonga Police plays a critical role in the Government of Tonga's realizing its development vision and strategies.

This is particularly true for the areas of governance, community safety and promoting culture development.

The recognition by you and the government of Tonga, with His Majesty's approval to implement change in the Tonga Police is today formally launched.

Service to the community, dedication to duty and loyalty to our King and country are core values to which every police officer swears an oath.

Our challenge is to ensure commitment to these values does not diminish, but increases with knowledge, experience and the support of a healthy Police organization.

It is on this foundation of policing values that we want to rebuild Tonga Police. We want Tongans to be assured that they are safe in their homes, on the roads and in their workplaces.

We want police officer to be confident when responding, investigating and using intelligence/ information reports.

We want to see significant leaps forward in the development of Tonga Police, form investing in our staff, our resources and overhauling our infrastructure.

These are bold aims but I am confident that with Government's support, co-operation with our partners, and the community we will achieve them.

This week all our commissioned officers have been meeting to implement the strategic plan and review our leadership-responsible & accountability.

I recommend to all of you to take a little time and read the plan, its simple its basic, its realistic, achievable and the photographs provide a reference for txt.

It is important sir to acknowledge the contribution of people and organizations who provided the support, the inspiration, the resourcing and assistance to make this strategic plan possible.

Firstly to all our Tongan Police staff who contributed, who read & read it , who critiqued it , who made suggestions and got onboard.

I wish to acknowledge Superintendent Hamish McCardle & Catherine Cotter form New Zealand Police who listened to my views & ideas and crafted a framework to build on.

To Tonga's Assistant Police Commander Motuapuaka, Dr  Seu úla Johansson Fua, Dr Anna Hauálofaái Koloto, Catherine Cotter and Superintendent Glynn Lewis form Australia Federal Police who conducted the community consultation process and public perceptions survey which contributed to the heart of the document.

To Drew Havea' who grappled with English version and translated it into Tongan knowing how important this would be.

To Mary Fonua form Vavaú Press who co-ordinate the design, artwork & printing process here in Nukualofa.

To Pesi Fonua & Linny Folay from Matangitonga whose photographs feature along with those from our own police photography section.

To the graphics designer, Trevor Tembo whose layout and placement skills are key to the magnetism of the final product.

To the printer, Nicholson Print Solutions, from Henderson, New Zealand.

To the Australian and New Zealand Aid support units here in Tonga, Debbie Reshke and Dominic Walton-France who support & guidance provided funding and approval to reduce such an important roadmap for Tonga Police.

Most importantly, Prime Minister , to His Majesty King Gorge Tupou' V and the Government of Tonga whose support , funding and enthusiasm are keys to whatever service and success Tonga Police can provide to this nation.

It is my special privileges on behalf of the Tonga Police and Tonga Police Development Program me to provide you with the 2009 - 2013 Tonga Police Strategic Plan.

Christ Kelly

Police Commander



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