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Crime Report for Period 06 - 12 February, 2012.

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17 February, 2012. Total 63 criminal offences registered during the period 06 - 12 February 2012, compared to some amount offences that were previously reported.

Out of the 63 crimes 42 were registered at Central Police Station, 13 at Mu'a Station, 02 at Vaini Station, 03 at Nukunuku Station, 03 at Neiafu.

Theft was the most reported crime with 14 offences followed by 13 Housebreaking, 11 Assault & False pretence, 02 each for Unlawful being on enclosed premises at night, Trespass, Use of threatening language to government servant, and Unlawful entry into building by night, 01 each Willful damage to things, Grievous Bodily harm, Robbery, Bodily harm, Willful damage to buildings, vessels, wharves and Willful damage to fences.

Regarding other acts beside Criminal Offences Act and Traffic Act Offences total 21 offences were registered compared to 24 offences the previous week. Drunkenness and Disorderly behavior the most committed offence.

Under the Traffic Act and Regulation total of 226 offences were registered compared to 314 offences the previous week.

On 2nd February 2012 Police arrested a female 33 years of age of Houma residing at Haveluloto for possession of weapons. Weapons were found at a town allotment in Veitongo. Weapons were 3 - 410, 1 - 22 and 1 - 306.

Last Thursday 09.02.2012 - a robbery occurred at a Chinese Store at Longolongo approximately 2230hrs. Two male persons wearing masks over their heads entered and threatened the shopkeeper with an iron bar and a shot-gun which is more probably a toy-gun (still under police investigation). The robber took away cash and goods amounted to approximately TOP$6,000.00.

Siope Soakai Motu'apuaka
Acting Police Commissioner


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