Firearms cases on the rise

Tuesday, 17 January 2012 10:28

PRESS RELEASE, Tuesday 10 January 2012.

Crime Report for Period 02 - 08 January 2012.

Special Police operation consisting of investigators and Tactical Response Group (T.R.G.) are working round the clock to arrest three (03) male offenders in relation to an armed robbery incident about after 11pm on Friday 06 January 2012 at a petrol station on Fatafehi Road, Kolofo'ou.

Two (02) of the disguised offenders were armed with shot gun and hand gun (pistol) approached the 53 years old male petrol station supervisor and demanded money, as the supervisor and three (03) male employees were closing down the station.

The supervisor tussled with one of the offenders and the offender with the shot gun fired two shots, one injured the left leg of the supervisor.

The offenders then fled the scene on the supervisor's vehicle (Toyota Hilux van) which police found early Saturday morning (07/01/2012) abandoned at a location near Hofoa village.

Management of the petrol station confirmed no money was stolen during the incident.

Forensic evidence is now assisting police investigators to confirm identity of offenders.

The injured petrol station supervisor is recovering well at Vaiola Hospital.

Statistics on robbery using firearms since 2009 indicates that there was 01 case in 2009, 04 - 2010 and 05 in 2011.  Police investigations continues.

T. Faletau

Acting Police Commissioner