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Report of 9yr old girl dismissed

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Crime Report for Period 21 - 27 November 2011.

  • Total of 90 criminal offences registered with police during the period 21 - 27/11/2011, compared to 73 the previous week, an increase of 17 offences.

  • Increase in reported criminal offences due mainly to increase in number of theft cases especially at Nuku'alofa area (Police District No.1)

  • Out of the 90 crimes reported 54 offences reported at Central Police Station, 16 - Leimatu'a, 07 - Neiafu, 05 - Houma, Tongatapu, 03 - ‘Eua, 03 - Mu'a, 02 - Vaini.

  • Theft was the most reported crime with 38 offences (increase from 28 in week 14 - 20/11/2011) followed by assault - 24, housebreaking - 15, 03 - unlawful entry into building, unlawful killing cattle, 02- bodily harm, 02 - fraudulent conversion of property.

  • Total of 30 offences registered under Other Acts, besides Criminal Offences Act, compared to 24 registered the previous week.

Drunk in public places under Order in Public Places Act was the most reported offences.

  • Total of 360 traffic offences under Traffic Act & Regulations were registered last week compared to 165 the previous week, an increase of 195 offences. Non payment of motor vehicle quarterly license was the most offence committed.

  • Lord Fakafanua officially opened the Ma'ufanga Community Police Post yesterday, Monday 28th November, 2011 at the Fakafanua Centre. Present at the ceremony were the District Officer of Kolofo'ou Mr. Faiva Tu'ifua, Ma'ufanga Town Officer.

Minister of Labour, Commerce & Industries and representative of Tongatapu No. 3 & 4 electorate, Hon. 'Isileli Pulu, Acting Police Commissioner Taniela Faletau, Father Afu, Rev. Kisepi Havea, Kula ‘i Toafa and matapules together with many guests. Lord Fakafanua thanked the Minister of Police and Tonga Police for  including Ma'ufanga in the community policing project. Kula ‘i Toafa in his thanking remarks, emphasized that it is every citizen of Ma'ufanga is responsible for ensuring a safe community. The Ma'ufanga Community Police Post is the nineth (09th) community police post to be in operation under - Community Policing Project - six (06) in Tongatapu and one (01) each at Vava'u, Ha'apai and ‘Eua.

  • On Friday 25 November 2011, the Australia High Commissioner His Excellency Thomas Roth and the Minister of Police Hon. Lisiate ‘Aloveita ‘Akolo signed the subsidiary arrangement document between the Government of Australia and the Government of Tonga relating to the Government of Australia's contribution of TOP$2,046,700.00 to the Tonga Police Development Program for the period starting 01st July 2011 to 30th June 2012. On behalf of the Government of Tonga and Tonga Police, the Hon. Minister of Police, Lisiate ‘A. ‘Akolo conveyed to His Excellency Thomas Roth, the sincere appreciation and gratitude for the generous assistance by the Government and people of Australia.

  • Police have completed inquiry into an incident of a 9 years old girl giving birth at Vaiola Hospital, reported in the Taimi ‘o Tonga edition of 08 November 2011 Vol. 22 No.86 page 03. A letter from medical authorities at Vaiola Hospital informed Police that there has been no case of a 9 years old girl giving birth at Vaiola Hospital. Police conducted inquiries into the article due to its criminal implications.

  • An 18 years old male person of Vava'u living at Vaololoa was found by his relatives at about 10am Saturday 26/11/2011, dead hanging with a rope to a tree near his house. Police conducted investigations and an inquest was conducted on Monday 28/11/2011 which concluded that the deceased took his own life. That brings the number of suicide case to 06 as of 26/11/2011 compared to total of 11 suicides cases for 2010. Malö.

T. Faletau

Acting Police Commissioner


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