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Enforcing Zero tolerance policy for students fights

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Crime Report for Period 14 - 20 November 2011.

  • Total of 73 criminal offences registered during the period 14 - 20/11/2011 compared to 62 the previous week, increase of 11 offences.
  • Out of the 73 crimes reported 32 offences reported at Central Police Station (PD.1), 16 - Mu'a Station (PD.2), 07 - Pangai, Ha'apai, 06 - Neiafu, Vava'u, 04 - each at Vaini & Houma, 02 - Falevai and 01 each at Nukunuku and ‘Eua.
  • Theft was the most reported crime with 28 (increase from 15 in period 07 - 13/11/2011) followed by 17 - housebreaking (decrease from 19 in period 07 - 13/11/2011), 09 - assaults, 06 - willful damage to properties, 04 - obtain properties & money by false pretence, 02 - bodily harm, 01 - grievous bodily harm, 02 - trespass.
  • Total of 24 offences registered under Other Acts, besides Criminal Offences Act, compared to 28 registered the previous week.
Drunkenness and disorderly behavior offences under Order in Public Act were the most reported offences.
  • Traffic Act & Regulation.

Total of 165 traffic offences were registered last week compared to 341 the previous week, a decrease of 176 offences.

  • Police now notes the involvement of females in housebreaking offences.

Police at Nukunuku station charged a 28 years female of Longolongo with housebreaking and theft of Tongan handicrafts (mats and ta'ovala) valued at approx T$1,000.00 from a family home at Sia'atoutai Theological College about the last week of October 2011.

Part of the stolen properties was recovered from vendors at Talamahu market.

The offender appeared at the Nukunuku Magistrates Court last week and was deferred for hearing at the same Court this Thursday 24/11/2011.

  • Police at Central Police Station have also charged a 32 years old female from Mataika, Tongatapu with housebreaking and theft of approx T$400.00 cash from a home at Mataika. The accused is scheduled to appear at the Magistrate Court at Fasi this week.
  • Students are warned that Police zero tolerance policy regarding students involved in fights and disorderly behavior in public places, still remains in force. Students involved in fights and disorderly behavior will be arrested and charged.

This warning is issued amidst sporadic fights around Nuku'alofa last Friday.

T. Faletau

Acting Police Commissioner


Issued by the: Ministry of Police, Fire Services and Prisons, Nuku'alofa, 2011.


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