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30 August: No crime in 8 towns

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Crime Report for Period 22 - 28 August 2011.

  • Total of 39 criminal offences registered during the week 34th and period 22 - 28 August 2011, compared to the 33rd week was 60.

·         Out of the (39) crimes (27) were registered at Central Police Station (04) at Mu'a, (04) at Vaini (02) at Nukunuku, (02) at Neiafu.  No crime registered at Houma, Ha'apai, Nomuka, Leimatu'a, Falevai, Niuafo'ou, Niuatoputapu and ‘Eua.

·         Theft was the most reported offence of (16) followed by assault (10) and then Housebreaking (08).

·         Reported Theft to Police was decrease by (06) from the previous week.

·         Regarding other acts and Regulations beside Criminal offence Act total of (13) offences were registered a decrease by (24) from (37) registered the previous week.

·         Under the Traffic Act and Regulations total of 182 offences were registered decreased by 31 from 213 the previous week.

No licensing of motor vehicle for Quarter of September 2011 was the most committed offence.

·           Attempted Robbery.  At approximately 0239hrs Saturday 27th August 2011, the Western Union van returning from Fua'amotu airport were intercepted by a white vehicle at Paloni Road frontage of the Tonga side School Two masks persons dressed in black were in the vehicle.  One armed with pistol got out of the vehicle and demanded money.  The windows of the Western Union vehicle were up and locked.  However 2 of the staff members at the back of the vehicle opened the door and ran out.  The armed masked person opened fire and the right rear door window was hit and splintered.  The driver of the Western Union vehicle drove straight to the Central Police Station.  No one was hurt and police escorted the Western Union vehicle with the money to its safe location.  The stolen getaway vehicle used by the offender have been captured.

Siope Soakai Motu'apuaka

Acting Deputy Police Commander

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