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Success of TSCP Pilot Bus Services

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8 August 2011  The Government of Tonga, through the Ministry of Transport and Tonga Airports Limited to currently implementing the Tonga Sector Consolidation Project (TSCP) supported by the World Bank.

The Project is currently being re-structured and is supported by the World Bank. The objectives of the Project are to support (i) stronger policy, planning and regulatory institutions and framework; (ii) improved safety and security facilities and compliance with international safety and security standards, and (iii) greater domestic capacity for road rehabilitation and maintenance.

One initiative of the MOT has been the recent pilot bus services which took place during the month of June for 'after-hours' bus services between Nuku'alofa and Lapaha.

This pilot formed part of a study into improving public transport services as part of ongoing work under the TSCP.

The MOT is pleased to announce the success of this pilot service which saw a steady increase in passengers using the service over the pilot trial period. The MOT has also received supportive feedback from the public such as

"...now I can work overtime!"

"...The bus services are great; I hope they continue"

The Ministyr of Transport look forward to the private sector continuing these services in response to the success of this pilot.


Issued by the: Ministry of Transport, Nuku'alofa, 2011. July 8 2011.

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